Are you ready to be find deep acceptance and peace? 

If you struggle with change and courage you are in the right place.


Is it time?

Time you stopped waiting to live a free and courageous life?

Time you stopped waiting for the perfect time, relationship, or whatever is stopping you BEcoming fully you?

I know you. I’ve been there. And you can do this NOW. And I can kick your butt into gear.

Working with cycles, circles and elements and elementals, I see YOU and I help you to co-create a life that you never even imagined, a life of FREEDOM and CREATIVITY, and help you to bring all those pieces of you together so that you live and work in YOUR element.

This is the path of a freedom seeker - fully expressing your passion and purpose in a way that fulfills your soul’s desire.

What is that desire that you push away, but it keeps coming back, beckoning to you to come out and BE the change you desire to be?

Allow me as YOUR Freedom Guide to help you to bring that desire out of you and align it in such a way, that you no longer hide the part of you that is ready to be shared with the world.

Together, we guide you to emerge into YOUR element and bring out your natural strengths so you create a life that is wildly aligned with your soul. As a Soul Astrologer, Freedom Guide, and Writer, I show you the practical steps to living a more purposeful life, in addition to helping you heal the blocks that are holding you back, and I show you how to find your natural rhythm that brings out your strengths, passion and purpose so that you can lead a wild and free life!

Through either a one on one individual session or over time as a Patreon you receive guidance tailored to you as your natal chart and the current aspects speak to me about your soul. It’s a magical, alchemical process and everything I do is with the aim of helping you to live in alignment with the energies to create your soul’s desire.

Go to Work With Louise or click on the buttons below to see how you can subscribe to podcasts, become a Patreon and receive rewards, book a one on one Astrological consulting session or for events and classes. 


A 75 minute session where we look at your astrological chart, Your Cosmic Blueprint and go deeply into such things as

  • Your Souls evolutionary purpose
  • What gives your life meaning and purpose
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Guidance to help you through challenging energies

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In olden times Astrologers were supported by wealthy Patrons so that they could freely share their knowledge and insights. Times have changed and few of us are wealthy! Patreon, however, means that you can support my work and receive support at your chosen level for very little cost. My dream is to be able to write and teach Astrology to thousands who are paying what they can manage rather than helping a few and charging more. Check out Patreon and the rewards here

Weirdly Magical Podcast

Join Jen and Lou on every New and Full Moon to hear them rap about the energies and give their words of wisdom. To find options to subscribe please go to this page.


To be announced very soon…..

I’ve been following Louise on social for quite sometime - I love her writing, posts and insights. Last week I finally had my charts read for the first time.
Meeting with Louise is like sitting down with an old friend who understands where you’ve been and where you may be going. It was insightful and FUN!
Highly recommend taking the time to meet with Louise and have her read your charts. She understands the why behind many things happening in your life. Go for it, open your mind - the best 75 minutes I spent last week! - Elizabeth B., San Diego, CA
Elizabeth B

Louise is such a brilliant astrologer with an amazingly keen sense of intuition. There are so many astrologers out there who will whisper a few sweet nothings and palm your money. That is not Louise. The first time I heard her podcast driving home at night, her words resonated with my soul and brought tears to my eyes. She encourages me, yet isn’t afraid to warn me of my potential shortcomings that might trip me up.
For so long I felt like I was groping in the dark, trying to find my path. For the last several years my soul had been pleading with me to wake up. When I found Louise through her podcast and then navigated to her Patreon, I felt a sense of peace. Her words reassured me and spoke to my heart. I knew what she was saying had truth to it and her validation let me know I’m not crazy. I don’t need to anesthetize my soul away with pills and booze. I’m not a sinful person that needs to repent relentlessly over and over. I’m a human, with shortcomings and talents and a purpose I wasn’t fulfilling. That was why I was so unhappy.
Louise has a special gift; almost like she’s holding a lantern and helping to illuminate my available paths and allowing me to exercise my free will with whatever feels right. I came away from her reading feeling hopeful, excited, and ready to get to work. Louise is so genuine with such an amazing gift and she is going places. I am so grateful to have found her. 💕
Jenni S ~


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