Astrology answers the questions of life, the universe and everything (name that book/show). Working with me can help you to reach joyful levels of self knowledge and deep acceptance and help you to move through challenging energies with grace and ease.

I do Astrological counseling sessions, classes (my Venus Retrograde class is ahhhhh-mazing) that work with the energies and teach Astrology. The classes are announced at the time and will be under the class tab below when I am offering one.

I also write. Prolifically. Almost every day I write about the energies and give suggestions and guidance about managing the energies. 

The best way to receive all my writing is to become a Patron on Patreon for as little as $1 a month. There are other rewards levels that offer more rewards at each level. 

I also Podcast with my bestie, Jen Duchene. Every New and Full lunation we do podcast called Weirdly Magical with Jen and Lou where we chat about the energies, the astrology and the numbers. It’s fun and free! 

Check out all ways to find me below. 

Much Love

Louise <3



A 75 minute session where we look at your astrological chart, Your Cosmic Blueprint and go deeply into such things as

  • Your Souls evolutionary purpose
  • What gives your life meaning and purpose
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Guidance to help you through challenging energies

For full details please click here.


In olden times Astrologers were supported by wealthy Patrons so that they could freely share their knowledge and insights. Times have changed and few of us are wealthy! Patreon, however, means that you can support my work and receive support for very little cost. My dream is to be able to write and teach Astrology to thousands who are paying what they can manage rather than helping a few and charging more. Check it out here

Weirdly Magical Podcast

Join Jen and Lou on every New and Full Moon to hear them rap about the energies and give their words of wisdom. To find options to subscribe please go to this page.


To be announced very soon…..

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