Are you seeking meaning and purpose in your life? Seeking to shake of the chains of expectations absorbed from culture, family, and life so that you live YOUR best life? 

Using an eclectic and alchemic mix of astrology, shamanism and more, oh so much more, I help you to understand and take action on your soul’s journey and guide you to create a meaningful and purposeful life. 

There are a few ways to work with me so if you are not sure which is the right one for you let’s chat on a complimentary call. Click here to book.


A 75 minute session where we look at your astrological chart, Your Cosmic Blueprint and go deeply into such things as

  • Your Souls evolutionary purpose
  • What gives your life meaning and purpose
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • What you need and attract in relationships

For full details please click here.


Don’t have time for another group program? Prefer to work one on one? Book FOUR life scope readings and save. To be used within 48 months of purchase. By doing this we are able to go much deeper than in a single session. We are also able to do shamanic healing where and if needed. Use them over four months or do six monthly check ins. You get to choose, as long as you use all sessions within 48 months. To see more or to book click here


Imagine a Sisterhood of powerful creatresses guided by a Shamanic Astrologer midwife whose aim is to guide YOU to birth and create YOUR meaningful and purposeful life and to learn to be your own Shaman or Guru. Imagine a Sisterhood where creatresses work in COMMUNITY to birth the life of their dreams. It’s all about Creativity, Play, and Purpose For full details of this 12 month community membership please click here


To be announced very soon…..

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