Is It Time To UnLeash Your
Wild Woman?

Have you got a part of you that is hidden inside?

A part of you that has been villified or made to feel as if it’s bad?

Are you afraid to:

  • Tap into previously unaccessed creativity?
  • Speak your truth openly?
  • Become more empowered sexually?
  • Come out of the psychic closet?
  • Dress more colorfully?
  • Take up dancing?
  • Go out and sing karaoke?
  • Travel the world?
  • Do things just for the sheer joy of it?

It’s all about allowing the part of yourself that has been kept hidden to show herself. It’s about not feeling restricted by what you assume others may think of you. It’s freedom to be fully you.

And this shows up in your astrological chart as Lilith!

Why unleash your wild woman?

Because she is an intrinsic and perfect part of you. In order for you to be whole, she must be unleashed.

The society you incarnated into has buried your wild woman under a heap of societal, cultural and familial conditioning. It is what it is. It was the nature of the Age of Pisces. And Aries.

fairyBut the Age of Aquarius is the Age of the unique self. The Age of community. Where all oppositions and polarization are being asked to draw together. Male/female polarization will lessen.

And we all all being called to unleash our inner wild woman. Yes, even men. Because this is about more than male/female. We all have all male and female characteristics and we all have every sign, planet, asteroid and other planetary body contained within us. And everyone has a Black Moon Lilith.


Do you want to know who your inner Wild Woman is? 


This workshop is for you!
Join Me on Sept 29th
9:30 am to 2:30 pm in Sandy, Utah


In this four hour workshop you will:

  • Learn about the myths of Lilith to help you to really understand what she represents
  • Find out why Lilith is important NOW
  • Receive a reading of Lilith in YOUR Unique Cosmic Blueprint
  • Find out where she is and what that means for YOU
  • This will be recorded - audio only.
  • (You are free to record your reading on your own device also.)
  • Be doing a deep meditation that will help you FEEL the Lilith Energies.

fairy_flyingWhen you feel connected to your wild, you naturally begin to exude more confidence, passion, happiness, health, sexiness… the list goes on. Who doesn’t want to feel more of all that

It no longer works to keep your wild side repressed because people are truly looking for meaning, honesty and vulnerability. People are looking for a connection to your soul as we move into the new age so it’s time to unleash that wild.

No longer is our wild woman content with being tamed. You were born to be powerful, expressive emotionally, to bleed, to create. It’s not time for the feminine to rule over the masculine. Rather to move to a revisiting of what feminine means in its full, passionate, emotional glory.

And it sure is time to integrate that wild woman into your BEing to bring a sense of wholeness.

So join me!

Only 10 spots available


A healthy lunch, snacks and drinks will be provided and you will receive the location on registration.