Wholeness. What does that mean for you?


16665227_sI have been thinking about wholeness lately since a client told me that when they are with me they feel whole.


I was flattered, of course. And I do want to help my clients to a feeling of wholeness. But what I really, really want is for them to feel whole all on their own. If I can help them to that point that’s fabulous. But the real wholeness comes from within. So, I thought I would explore what wholeness means for me.


And here are my thoughts


  • I feel complete within myself
  • I no longer beat myself up about everything
  • I no longer seek validation from all around me
  • I have made friends with the less shiny bits of my personality and know that it’s perfect to be imperfect
  • I now CHOOSE to be with and love my significant relationships rather than NEED them
  • I do what I love and love what I do
  • I no longer try to be something I’m not
  • I know it’s okay that I like staying home and no longer think I ‘should’ join groups I don’t want to.
  • The ‘shoulds’ - yeah they rarely exist any more.
  • I like spending time with me
  • I no longer hide me
  • And I also accept that I feel all and do all these things only most of the time and that even in my wholeness I am imperfect.


So, again, tell me. What does wholeness mean for you?