WAKE UP!!! And Be Willing To Be a Disappointment.

Oh my heavens! We are in the midst of a GREAT AWAKENING.


This week is OFF the charts starting with the New Moon at 14 deg Gemini that was on June 4 2016.

BlogWe are under a Mutable Grand Cross, which ALWAYS brings a big shift and change.

Think back to April 2015 and what was happening then.

This, however, is a Grand Cross that includes the North and South Nodes of Fate, our past and our future. And this Grand Cross will be affecting our consciousness until the end of the month as Vesta and Mercury join the party in Gemini.

The Nodes are where we are coming from and where we are going. Our Karmic potential.

In the year of purification we are now being asked to speak our truth in a BIG way. So much is not working any more with the patriarchal structures of our lives (this can mean solid structures or ‘constructs’ that have been drilled into our consciousness for all our lives.

And we are being asked to do this from a place of love.

This is a massive opportunity to bring unconditional love into the world through your voice. And to create a path to your big vision. Creativity is so so high right now. Especially creativity that comes through you not from you.

We are realizing more and more and more that we are in this together. That what we do and speak about affects everyone.

This energy is also very polarizing.

Everything is shifting and changing at warp speed and we are not done yet!

Today, June 6th, we have the exact Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini as Venus’ light is hidden by the Sun for several weeks. This is Venus/Lilith/Innana/Persephone’s journey into the underworld, the hero’s journey. The female is either taken to the underworld or travels there willingly and goes on a journey of transformation. In all the myths there is an element of the result being 6 months in the light (above ground) and 6 months in the dark (in the underworld.

This speaks to the duality that we are being asked to bring together in our own Hero’s journey. Learning to love our shadow, to love the dark. To bring it to the light so that we can be whole.

And it’s about getting honest with yourself!

Ripping off your masks.

Allowing the universe to see the real you.

And you are being asked to let go; to trust and surrender. To let go of certainty and the illusion of control.

To move in to Yintegrity and know that EVERYTHING is connected.

Damn those ancients knew a thing or two and their myths and beliefs have been telling us all along.

But we didn’t want to listen.

For thousands of years the patriarchy wanted (and did) to control, to dominate.

And was all about ME/I.

But now it’s about we/us. And that means everything in the universe. As the ancients knew. And this is the knowledge we lost.

According to https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/

The Yangtegrity Patriarchy is fading, but it’s still by far the dominant paradigm.  Yangtegrity, by the way, for newbies, means doing what you said you were going to do, while Yintegrity means doing what you Feel like doing, moment to moment – that is, Trusting your Instincts.


And Yintegrity is what we are being pulled towards.

You can’t, however, have Yintegrity without Yangtegrity.

And this current energy is highly polarizing as we see in the world right now.

yin-yang-29650_640The key is to bring it to center. To KNOW that the I/Me affects the We/Us.

And to let go of any thoughts of separatism.

To speak your truth from that place of love.

And be willing to be a disappointment.

Yes, be willing to be a disappointment to those around you who are not yet ready to wake up to the new paradigm.

Be willing to be a disappointment when others cannot accept the whole and unique you.

And be willing to forgive all the times you have been a disappointment to yourself. And love that person.

That was then. Now is now.

Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us to build our big vision through right and aligned action. To focus and put the work in.

And we are still not done!

On June 9th, we have an astrological event that none of us have felt before consciously. In April of 1927 Uranus and Eris were conjunct at 1 deg Aries. But Eris was not discovered until 2005 or named until 2006.

After a planet is discovered it’s energy manifests in our world and our consciousness.

This aspect is the Great Awakener. And is going to be exact again in September and March 2017.

I have talked a lot about Eris on calls etc so google the myth if you want the full skinny on her. Astrologer Kim Falconer sees Eris as like the guest you don’t want to invite to your party/dinner table/wedding but actually you have to. A la embracing your shadow.   From her amazing synchronities page.

She’s known as the Goddess of Discord. Quite honestly though she only causes chaos when she is not invited in. She is another representation of your shadow. The discoverer wanted to call her Persephone (see earlier) but there is already an asteroid named Persephone. I like both names but Eris is more Lilith like to my mind. The evil, dark female energy rejected by the patriarchy (as portrayed by the patriarchy).

And Uranus is bringing her radically into our awareness.

The Lord of lightning bolts, revolution, rebellion is waking us up to the mess we are in and the fact that true female energy has not been invited to the Patriarchy party.

Uranus is the ‘freak’, the weird, the alternative. He brings radical change quickly.

And he is inviting Eris to the party to play.

Expect rapid and radical change to come about from this time. We really are now in a different world to that which we have always known. Things look and feel different. We have entered Narnia or gone down the rabbit hole.

Vedic astrology has symbols called Chandra symbols (I want to know more about them!) and the Chandra symbol for this degree is “a bottle labelled ‘drink me’ - interesting huh?

I confess I did Mushrooms and LSD when I was younger and, quite honestly, the world feels like that now. Alice in Wonderland was written under LSD. Now we don’t actually need it!

It’s quite magical.

The Sabian symbol for today’s Sun/Venus conjunction is ‘The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker’. Rudhyar’s keynote to this is ‘The transformation of physical vitality into the power to build concepts and intellectual formulations through which knowledge can be transferred’. We are being handed the keys to a new way of living where we step into the power to speak our truth.

And, lastly, the Sabian symbol for the Uranus/Eris is ‘an open window and a net curtain blowing into the shape of a Cornucopia’. The Cornucopia is the horn of plenty which suggests that we will be provided with all we need if we step into this amazing new paradigm. “Open your mind to possibilities that are being ‘blown’ in from the realm of spirit” (Lynda Hill) and Rudhyar’s keynote for this is ‘openness to the influx of spiritual energies’.

This is basically freaking amazing. A tremendous opportunity. I’m not saying things will be all hearts and roses BUT if we can all pull to the center and be willing to be a disappointment to others, positive change will come. But you could also choose to be rigid and resist change. To not surrender and let go. And be concerned about rejection by others.

You always have a choice.

What do you think to all this? The shift is happening fast. Are you remaining open and flexible and paying attention?