Venus goes retrograde every 19 months and every 19 months I do a Venus Retrograde Journey class. When Venus stationed retrograde at 21˚ Gemini on May 13th, the third iteration of this class began, with Venus stationing exactly opposing my Natal Twelfth house Sagittarius Sun.

The Venus Star point, the point of her interior conjunction with the Sun, at 13˚ Gemini was conjunct my Sixth house Gemini Moon/Black Moon Lilith conjunction. This retrograde had a big impact on me.

Lives change through this class but it often takes a while to emerge.

Incidentally, this post is not about the class per se which is why I call it personal reflections. You may, however, realize some themes that are emerging for you also because Venus stationed direct on June 25th at 5˚ Gemini and reaches the exact point she stationed retrograde at, 21˚ 50′, shortly after 11pm MST on Tuesday July 28th, again exactly opposing my Twelfth house Sun and I now realize what’s emerging from this journey.

Venus represents core values, harmony, relatedness to all things, love, money/finances, manifestation, and self worth.

Gemini represents curiosity, thinking, communication, changeability, writing, mental agility and connection.

Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini and

“Venus in this position gives one the understanding of the spiritual purpose behind any relationship. On the personality level, Venus in Gemini frequently indicates two diametrically opposed relationships simultaneously occurring in a person’s life. He is often caught in a difficulty duality. “How can I have both?” which one do I choose?” The Higher Mind will always choose both, and then blend them into a harmonious third, capable of increased creative activity and love. This is the secret of synthesis, and synthesis is the Soul’s process of growth. ~”

Gemini in my sixth house is all about my daily work and service and my twelfth house Sagittarius Sun is all about learning and teaching creative and collective principles, which I do by streaming the language of the stars.

Phew! That’s a lot to set the background.

When I run the Venus class I am holding space for the people that are taking the class so my own growth emerges afterwards. I suspect that many of you too will be just discovering the real impact of the Venus journey. I have added a wrinkle to this Venus retrograde and am doing a Shamanic Journey at each meeting of the Moon and Venus for the months between the interior and exterior conjunction, or rather when Venus disappears from our view behind the Sun, which is a period of 9.5 months — a gestation/birthing period.

And now, as Venus emerges from her shadow I am beginning to see what’s emerging.

I have reflected on some relationships with others and have let go of a couple of ‘friendships’ that no longer serve because it became clear that our values differ too greatly. However, I felt that wasn’t it, it wasn’t the big shift.

Venus squared Neptune, now retrograde in Pisces this morning and moved beyond the veil of confusion around what’s emerging. Additionally, Mercury, ruler of Gemini, also moved out of the shadow of the last retrograde and squares Mars in Aries today (July 27th).

And there it is.

I posted in my morning post this morning that:

“Powerful aspects today with Mercury and Venus leaving the shadow of their retrogrades and Mars entering the shadow of his rare retrograde in the sign of rulership, Aries.

Time (Capricorn) to create (Neptune in Pisces) things you have long dreamed of and desired and give voice to the truth of who you really be (Mars in Aries).

Be wary of words of war as Mercury (words) squares Mars in Aries and instead speak powerful truths that heal.

Last years Jupiter/Neptune square revealed your truth around faith and belief. This years sextile gives you the opportunity to work to create a containers for building on that truth. With both Jupiter and Neptune now retrograde something you have long dreamed of is revealed or returned to.

Venus is manifestation and, in Mercury ruled Gemini has been reviewing relationships and core values. This final square to Neptune in Pisces asks you to begin to create your desires and release the old stagnant energy.

The Scorpio Moon adds to the deep feelings of desire.

What do you deeply desire that you may have set aside or lost along the way? I already know that I must return to writing — I always desired to be a writer.”


Writing — duh!

Until the end of 2019 I was pretty much writing daily. But then, as I approached the publication of my second book, The Complete Guide to Astrology, I hit burn out and, apart from a handful of blog posts, I stopped.

And now the urge to write returns as Venus leaves the shadow of her Retrograde and I have a big feeling that it’s not going away for some time.

The fact the star point was conjunct my Gemini Moon means I am drawn to emotional fulfillment of my desires as activated by the Retrograde. The opposition to my Sun brings my core self to using words to teach, inform, and to WRITE!

So that’s what I will do. Still figuring out what that will look like. I don’t feel drawn to daily energy posts on here again. I do, however, have a few ideas about my astrological and other writings so watch this space!

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For now, and from an excited Louise as I step into my deepest desires,

SO much Love

Louise ❤