19034996_sTomorrow Venus goes retrograde (appears to go backwards from our perspective) until Sept 6. Now there is a lot of, in my opinion, fear and nonsense spouted about this retrograde (as there is Mercury retrogrades). I like to look at a deeper level than ‘your relationships will be up for review’ - though they will :).  I like to look at what it means at a deeper level for your souls evolution.

Any retrograde has a purpose and the whole picture needs to be looked at! Venus turns retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo where she is conjunct with the fixed star Regulus. I know techy, but ignore this and skip to the message if you are not interested in learning some of the astrology.

To cut a long story short we are, as I say often, moving into a New Astrological Age, the age of Aquarius (an age is around 2-2500 years). The age of personal freedom, originality, uniqueness, anarchy, unpredicability, socially conscious and a time that will honor diversity and difference. Many, many astrologers think we really started to move into the age of Aquarius when Regulus moved in Virgo from Leo in 2012. Now Regulus moves extremely slowly, 26000 years to move through all twelve signs. So it will be in Virgo for a long time. Now Regulus is kind of the royal star and astrologer Michael Lutin said:
“We stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ.” Not long after Regulus’s entry into Leo, Christianity was adopted as the religion of the Holy Roman Empire and therefore the whole of Europe.”

Now nothing happens overnight (well some things do but not BIG shifts) in astrology. But Venus, the planet of love, relationship, beauty, VALUES, desire, the arts and sensuality stationing on Regulus at the very beginning degree of Virgo, which means ‘woman who is whole unto herself’ - or you could say the common woman, is highly significant. Venus will stay on that 0 degree until July 31st. She will then cross back into Leo.

This gets even more complex so, at least for now I am going to drop the technicals and only talk message. I wanted to give you an idea of the enormity though!

Venus retrograde in Leo will be reviewing and reflecting on where we have joy, fun and LOVE in our lives and relationships. This is joy, fun and love around significant others, money, our material world, sensuality and how we love ourselves. It’s CRUCIAL during this time to focus on self love. On doing your morning pages or some other kind of morning grounding routine. And on MAKING (because you get to choose) time to do things that fill your soul with joy. Through doing this you will give yourself the time and space to get in touch with what you value and what makes you feel good. It’s also a very good time to play with your creativity. Even if you are an artist already, play with a new medium, a new style, a new technique. It’s also a time to take a long hard look at what DOESN’T bring you joy in all these areas. Some things will have to go.

But Leo is also one of the representations of the patriarchy. The sign of the King. So it’s about the feminine energy reviewing her place in the patriarchy and throwing out that which no longer resonates.

This is about the feminine (both men and women) energy allowing itself to shine before crossing back into Virgo and integrating into the wholeness that is Virgo and being way more able to be of service to others (Virgo is service)

And we have the ongoing square of Venus to Saturn in Scorpio both deepening and asking us to question our relationships to love, relationship, beauty, VALUES, desire, the arts and sensuality. Saturn matures and teaches. And Saturn is about personal authority.

As such events are ‘as within, so without, we will see shifts at a global level through this.

Adding to this, Mercury and Jupiter will be together in the very last degree of Leo on Aug 7 and the next day Mercury (planet of communication and messenger of the Gods) will cross Regulus and on August 13th, Jupiter (planet of expansion, growth and opportunity) will do the same.

Over all I see this period, especially if you take my suggestions, to be a time where you can take a bigger leap towards joy, fun, being WHOLE, not ‘needing’ the other but ‘choosing’ the other.

Venus also rules the current North Node in Libra which is our collective future right now, what we are working towards. Balance, harmony, equality.

Not only this. But on Sept 4, two days before Venus turns retrograde, Lilith, our collective wild woman in this case, joins the North Node in Libra at 1 degree of Libra (the node moves retrograde) and then they ‘swap’ places. The North Node slips into Virgo on Nov 11 and Lilith moves forward into Libra. I see this conjunction as another significant step in the shifting of the ages, away from the patriarchy.

So many markers of equality and balance. At a personal and inner level, which I want you to focus on, this is about bringing more balance, joy, fun and love into your life so that you are better able to serve others. So you come from a place of wholeness and you move away from the paradigm of doing as you are told, doing the shoulds and hard work. I know many of us speak of it and don’t do it. Some are more along that path already. This is one BIG push to move along that path. I feel drawn to it more and more. I can no longer bear to spend all my time working so I am making time for joy, fun and relationships. I even, gasp, leave my phone at home sometimes! Things like that.

Now, if you are still reading, I would like to issue you a challenge. It’s a big one but will make the most of this retrograde. I want you, between tomorrow and Sept 6 to do a couple of things EVERY day.

1) Do something loving for yourself. Take a long bath, sit in the garden and read a book, a manicure (if you don’t do them regularly), buy yourself a trashy magazine, look in the mirror naked and tell your body how much you love it. They don’t have to be big things but they must be for YOU only. And they must be things you don’t do as a regular habit.

2) ALSO, and again, don’t make this overwhelming, do something creative and/or fun every day. A doodle, a sketch, dance madly to one song, go for a dance lesson, do a collage. There are a million things you can do.

IF you do this daily, I can guarantee that this retrograde will bring you untold abundance and joy into your life in all ways.

Who’s in?