After some fits and starts since the publication of my second book, The Complete Guide to Astrology, I FINALLY feel like writing again! Incidentally, I have a give away running on my Cosmic Owl Astrology Facebook page for a signed. copy of my book (USA only) or 5 runner up prizes of an Audible copy. Head on over there to enter after you read this :). I will be drawing the winners on the Full Moon on August 3rd.

I can’t keep up writing daily energy posts any more because of time so I am going to experiment to find my new stride. Writing is like a muscle, the more you write, the more you write so please bear with me.

Today I am going to write about the third exact square of Venus in Gemini to Neptune in Pisces at the 20˚ mark.

This third and final square exacts on July 27th and the first two squares were on May 3rd (both planets direct) and May 20th (Venus Rx). On this third exact square, Neptune is Rx.

Venus in Gemini is all about our relationships to community and each other. It’s a fun and sociable placement but Mercurial in nature due to Gemini being ruled by Mercury. This period of Venus in Gemini has Venus retrograding from May 13th to June 25th for the first time in eight years and has meant that we’ve been reflecting on our values in relationship to each other and community.

Neptune rules Pisces and is all about illusion, faith, trust, surrender and brings confusion and disorientation.

We’ve been through a VERY confusing period in our relationships and values.

Venus squared Neptune 10 days before the retrograde and 7 days after the retrograde began which means this square is intimately tied into that story and this last exact square has Neptune retrograde and drawing the curtains back to reveal some of the discoveries.

You are likely to find yourself coming to the final words of a new story that has developed during this period. A story of changing and shifting relationships, values and desires. You may, like me, have let go of some relationships and also attachments to illusions that you had.

With this square having involved both planets going retrograde you have discovered where relationships have not been on firm footings or where you don’t have shared values. People may have revealed their true selves or at least you have seen a side you had never seen before.

On this final square there is likely to be a final release of old illusions and delusions as Venus then also leaves the shadow of her retrograde the next day. Stagnant and confusing energy begins to clear after a very confusing period and those old attachments and stories get washed away. This is amplified by a sextile aspect from retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn to Neptune on the same day suggesting that attachments to man made laws, rules and institutions and also, what I call, ‘the shoulds’ are also being washed away in these powerful astrological configurations.

Time to move forward and to write a new relationship and value story based on what has been revealed to you since the beginning of May. On Oct 18th 2020 Venus will oppose Neptune at 18˚ Virgo, another Mercury ruled sign, and the new story will reach some kind of completion and fulfillment by then.

Also on July 27th, Mercury, ruler of Gemini, at 16˚ Cancer aspects Mars in Aries, the sign the God of War rules, with Mars entering the shadow of his own retrograde that begins on Sept 9th whilst Mercury has just left the shadow of HIS retrograde and we also have the first quarter Moon at 5˚ Scorpio. This adds a war of words quality to the Venus/Neptune square and harsh words may be spoken as we decide we can no longer tolerate some relationships and we cut out those old and no longer aligned desires.

Try to tread gently.

SO much Love