Venus Retrograde Journey

Discover Your Inner Gold and Find Grace and Power in Heroic Sisterhood

I am excited to offer this life changing class for the fourth time

It’s more important than ever to come together NOW

The 7 week class is designed to take you through the steps of the Venus journey in astrological and shamanic style!

Through a journey into YOUR underworld; Venus journeys from evening star to morning star and during that time she is not visible in the night sky because our view of her is blinded by the light of the Sun as she appears to move backwards through the skies from our perspective. 

This is VISION QUEST energy. A deep immersion into the underworld of your soul in community with a sisterhood of souls. We need each other more than ever as we physically separate which can lead to feelings of isolation and separation. 

Community and learning to look at things differently are crucial right now and, since the difficulties we are going through are likely to continue for some time, an online community may be our saving grace. Come join us!

Journey Details

It’s more important than ever to come together NOW

7 weeks, EIGHT Calls beginning December 14th.

All calls live on Tuesdays at 1 pm MST (12 pm PST, 3 pm EST, 8 pm UTC)

All calls recorded and uploaded to Podia within 24 hours

Pre Work videos to enable you to find where Venus is retrograding for you

Optional discounted one on one session to look at the Venus retrograde and YOUR star point in your chart

Only $197 for class with a 2 pay option

Optional one on one session is $150

Join The Journey

Journey to Discover Your Inner Gold

  • go really deep into the self.
  • find a deeper purpose.
  • create a more meaningful life.
  • lead the way into the New Paradigm in Sisterhood
  • 7 week class, 8 group calls
  • Facebook Community/Group
  • ONLY $197. Click this to Join
This is not a course, but a game-changing and life-altering curriculum that has the power to re-invent your life. After finishing this astro-shamanic 7-week underworld investigation of Venus retrograding in my 10th house of career, I started a whole new and super successful vocation that I love, where I am making more money and feel more happy than I have in years! ! This class is truly transformative.   Lori Lothian

The Journey

The journey will take you through a virtual shamanic dismemberment, energy extraction and transfiguration process with a group soul retrieval at the end.

Always guided by the planets, this journey will transform you beyond belief.

You will be given tools to help you on that journey of mastery, a virtual vision quest.

This intensive will take you on your Heroine’s journey of exploration into your own personal spiritual underworld.

Louise, I am so happy to see your Venus program being offered again this year…!!! When I participated in your program last year , I experienced remarkable insights, extraordinary shifts, and I got to travel with a tribe of participants - that I am still to this day - in communication with many of. Your expertise and masterful ability to guide us into the underworld to facilitate our own personal and individual healing processes was really remarkable. You took a very complex astrological education and brought it down ‘onto the ground’ in such practical language that I as a non-astrology person could completely relate to. I remember hearing the phrase many years ago that ‘healing is our return to the memory of our wholeness.’ For me, it been very important toconnect with a few tremendously skillful guides that could help guide me into the inner labyrinth of my own underworld. To meet my shadow aspects my blind spots with a deep understanding, compassion, and wisdom. I really love the journey and work that you offer, and I’m so thrilled to recommend any of your programs to my friends, my colleagues, and my students. You bring such integrity, humor, and brilliance to the process of integration of all aspects of our self, and the journey into the underworld is one that I’m so grateful I got to experience being guided into by you. Daniela Hess Director, Educator Radiant Living School at YogaFarm

This is for you if.....

  • You are prepared to go really deep into the self to excavate your inner gold.

  • You are ready to find a deeper purpose.

  • You are ready for a more meaningful life.

  • You are ready to lead the way into the New Paradigm in Heroic Sisterhood

It was like opening the wrought iron gate to a fragrant and luminous garden of white magnolias. I didn’t quite see that way at first. With my mundane eyes I only witnessed my boss, a respectable and industrious but overbearing micromanager, call me into a surprise meeting and tell me I had two weeks to professionally verify my mental illness or else I would be terminated. This was, ironically, on World Mental Health Day in 2018. I walked out of the building laughing and as I shut the door behind me I caught the phantom scent of blossoms. If I hadn’t just started Louise Edington’s Venus Retrograde course, I would have had no bearings in what had happened. Instead, I quickly came to understand that Lady Venus, who rules among other delights, one’s wealth, had stripped me of the shackles of muggle society and allowed me to roam freely in the garden. My possibilities opened to new vistas. It wasn’t difficult to forgive either myself or my boss for what had happened, knowing this would lead to a lifestyle more suited for my particular charms. Chloe King