And Why This Astrologer is Not Afraid


Well here we are. The moment Astrologers have been watching for years and years. 

There’s lots of trepidation and fear around these next few days, and the aftermath, as Saturn and Pluto meet in Capricorn right after a lunar Eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn nodes with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Ceres also in Capricorn. 

I’ve done so much talking about it on video that I am almost sick of it and ready for it to be ‘over’. But it won’t be ‘over’ as the cycles starting now and over the next few months are going to hurtle us into the Age of Aquarius and the change will come so fast I am not sure we’ll know what has hit us. What is ‘over’ is old cycles and new ones are beginning.

Saturn and Pluto last met in 1518 CE as the Protestant reformation happened. They last met in Capricorn with Jupiter there in 1284 CE when Jews were being targeted in Europe and the Pied Piper of Hamelin originated. Before that the three met in 1894 BCE when the City of Babylon was created. The last time in any sign was in 1982 in Libra. This is not commonplace. 

But we didn’t know of the existence of Pluto back then since the excavator with a heart (an actual heart) wasn’t discovered until 1930 when we as a culture (Western culture) began a deep dive into the soul and psyche and the revealing of the nastiness of patriarchal culture (culture - not men) began to be inexorably revealed. 

Now we reach the point of breaking it all down and creating new. With, of course much resistance from the said culture. This is not going to happen overnight. But Saturn and Pluto meet only once at 22 ̊ Capricorn right after the Eclipse at 20 ̊ Cancer/Capricorn with Mercury cazimi (conjunct the Sun), which is another cycle beginning, and then Saturn moves on. The planet of maturity and wisdom will retrograde back close to Pluto but we only have one exact pass. 

The shadow of Capricorn energy, especially with Saturn, the ruling planet, involved is fear. Fear of not being enough, fear of being too much, fear of not having the strength for what is being asked of us and any other fears you can think of. All those fears are being brought to the fore, but this intuitive astrologer has been meditating on this energy and what comes after and I honestly think it will ultimately be good. 

We will be okay, as a whole. 

Pluto has been digging into the Patriarchy since moving into Capricorn in 2008, for the first time since we humans became aware of the dwarf planet, and we have gone through 7 revolutionary Uranus/Pluto squares, occultations of Saturn and Pluto every month in 2019 and in 2015 the New Horizons flyby took images that showed that what is now named as the Tombaugh Region of Pluto, previously known as a bright spot, looks like a heart.  Incidentally, the heart has also been said to look like Disney’s dog, Pluto. Pluto was also demoted to dwarf planet status in 2006, not long before entering Capricorn.

Since it’s my belief that no Planetary body is bad or good, I believe these occurrences have not only shaken up the Patriarchal institutions but also our perception of Pluto the dwarf planet and, in my mind softened how we see the impact of Pluto. As mentioned before, Pluto excavates and reveals the hidden. Pluto is a miner that digs up the hidden gems. Yet the planet is feared because of the Patriarchal association with hell. Yet all of this is within us. 

I feel highly qualified to speak of the real truth about Pluto as I have an 8th house Pluto (his natural domain) and Pluto has transited conjunct every single planet in my chart, except my Moon and Uranus, and my Midheaven and Ascendant. In fact, since I have a Sagittarius stellium beginning with Mercury at 0 ̊, Sagittarius rising and Saturn in Capricorn at 7 ̊, Pluto was pretty much transiting ‘something’ continually from 1995 until 2012/13 including an opposition to my 12º Gemini Moon and the Pluto square.  

My assessment is that Pluto is THE planet of personal growth and development and the more that we lean into Pluto the easier that growth is. I would say that that is reflected on a collective basis too. Some of my favorite expressions for Pluto transits are ‘resistance is futile’ and ‘Pluto takes away what you thought was your power and leaves you with what is truly your power’. 

We are being called, collectively and individually to lean in and transform and that means letting some things die. 

Now onto Saturn. Another planet I am well acquainted with as I have Saturn in the sign he rules, Capricorn, in the first house (and Pluto has transited over that planet fairly recently so I feel the combined impact). I also recently had my second Saturn return.

Saturn is about growing up, the wise elder, maturity and mastery and this is doubled in the sign of rulership. 

Combine the two and add in the other spices to the cook pot and we are collectively being asked to grow up transform the way we live and lead. 

I wrote a short post this morning that said 

When did Capricorn, an earth sign, become associated with man made rules, control and institutions? It’s said that this began when men realized they had a role in creating new life. Perhaps so.

Either way human perception and language shaped Capricorn into a place of dominion, control and laws that had little to do with natural law. This is changing as we enter the age of Aquarius with its traditional and modern rulers Saturn and Uranus. More to come on this.

Saturn is wisdom learned over time, maturity and mastery. Pluto, undiscovered by us the last times the two met in Capricorn, is the excavator and demolition crew ridding is of polluted beliefs and laws that are not in alignment with natural law.

This unprecedented major conjunction is bringing us back to the true perception of Capricorn as the wise elder who guides with a gentle firmness and creates laws based on natural law. This is the opportunity we have before us right now.

I would add to that that we are also being invited to step into balance between day/night, yin/yang energy. To re-member that Capricorn is really elderhood and death, a natural cycle of life, with Cancer, the opposite sign being the sign of birth. The axis is that of the birth to death cycle and we have lost touch with that. 

The patriarchy of the last thousands of years has shut out the night with its emphasis on day, light, action, yang energy and has made all that is ‘other’ something to fear. What if both day and night have things to both revere and fear? What is all planets have both light and dark? 

I explore this in my new book which is getting rave endorsements such as: 

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I invite you to get curious about what’s coming up for you during this period. I can guarantee that in some way you are being asked to mature and transform how you show up in the world.  

We are also being asked to transform how we see the world and the language we use to speak of the world. 

As a collective we are being pulled to transform how we live in the world and how we align with the Earth. Indigenous ways of living in harmony are being re-discovered and there are those trying to figure out how to integrate them into the now. We would be wise to explore that more. There are those that are coming up with new inventions that work more in alignment with natural law. This exploration will continue. 

I have long said that the Age of Aquarius, which we are entering, will be a mix of the ancient ways brought in in a new way since Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, which is currently in Taurus, the most earthly Earth sign, shaking up how we work with the Earth also. 

To move towards that, we have to lean into the maturity of Saturn and Capricorn and stop thinking we have control of everything and we need to transform our lives to live more in alignment with natural law and that’s what’s happening now. 

I believe the possible future is bright but we are all being asked to step up and lean into this time to be the change we want to see in the world. 

Will you? 

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Much Love

Louise <3