You are the creator of your life.

All your choices and feelings create what comes your way.
You may have heard of The Secret already. But it’s really not as simple as saying ‘I want a red bike’ and that item appearing the next day.

There are ways to tap into the Law of Attraction and raise your vibration so your dreams manifest quickly and easily



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If you are anything like I used to be, then I am guessing that you are not even really sure WHAT your dreams are!

It took me a while to build that muscle after years of not dreaming or not being clear about what my desires really are.

Now they are clear as freshly cleaned glass. Who wouldn’t want more of that?


Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 8.20.52 PMAnd then, after you start to dream and desire again, what next?

What direction do you go to manifest your desires?

How do you raise your vibration and allow the unlimited Universe (because it is unlimited) to fulfill your desires?


If you

  • Aren’t sure what you even REALLY desire or lack clarity
  • Have no clue HOW to raise your vibration
  • Don’t really understand what I mean by ‘ALLOWING’ your desires to manifest
  • Are creating UNWANTED things and situations in your life.

And you are ready to

  • Create the life of your DREAMS
  • Create CONSCIOUSLY rather than unconsciously
  • Have more fulfilling RELATIONSHIPS
  • BE more of who you really are
  • Get really CLEAR on your DESIRES
  • Eliminate DOUBT and RESISTANCE
  • Tap into the NATURAL rhythm of the Universe to create your desires

If You Are Ready To See Clearly into YOUR Future and Create Your Desires, Then this SIX week course is for YOU!


In this course you will:

Week 1: Learn HOW to identify your desires, what language to use and worksheets to help you to begin to clarify those desires about who you BE, how you attract Abundance and your voice; using a mix of Astrological information and the natural laws of the Universe

Week 2: Recap of the HOW, answers to questions emailed to me after the Week 1 call and worksheets to help clarify how you desire to FEEL, your creativity, joy, play, the inner child, health and how you mentor/are of service.

Week 3: Recap of the HOW, answers to questions emailed to me after the Week 2 call and worksheets to help clarify what you desire in your significant relationships and what you would love to attract, shared financial resources, karmic and soul material, sexual expression, expansion and inspiration, travel, higher education (formal and informal) and personal beliefs.

Week 4: Recap of the HOW, answers to questions emailed to me after the Week 3 call and coaching and worksheets to help clarify what you desire in the realm of your mission/career, visibility, causes, Social consciousness, associations, latent abilities, mystery, magic and mysticism, connection to transpersonal knowledge and creative, intuitive states

Week 5: Recap of the HOW, answers to questions emailed to me after the Week 4 call and putting it all together into a cohesive desire statement. 

Week 6: Raising your Vibration and Allowing - How To. Including Worksheets. And what’s next!



Each person will receive a 30 minute one on one follow up call with me to review your final product and to support you in your next steps.

This will be a very deep and interactive workshop. I will be teaching AND asking you to work on each week’s topics during the session. Each week you will receive a link to which is a fabulous video conferencing tool and some worksheets and other materials which we shall be working on in the sessions. And I will be using YOUR charts as examples - with all but your first name blanked out.

Sessions will begin Tuesday January 12th at 1 pm Mountain ( will tell you your local time), under the building energy of the Capricorn New Moon to start the New Year off with intention and to make 2016 your best year yet! All sessions will be recorded and emailed to you within 48 hours of the session.

Are You Ready To Create?

This Will Change Your Life!

I can highly recommend Louise’s course, she taught me how to manifest my desires very specifically and I must say that I learned HUGE amounts about myself, and what I really wanted during the six weeks. Language is everything, she will support you fully on how to ask clearly without inadvertent self sabotage getting in the way of your dreams. Go for it!!

Angela Bradshaw