Image credit: <a href=''>auremar / 123RF Stock Photo</a>At the start of this month we had both the fourth of seven Pluto/Uranus squares AND a Hybrid Solar New Moon Eclipse at 11 degrees of Scorpio. For many reasons this was a pivotal moment. For some, me included, that shift was not what we planned or expected. But let’s quickly look at the Astrology first. I promise to try not to overwhelm!


The Pluto/Uranus square was, as I said, the fourth of seven exact squares. You can see when the others were and will be at In Capricorn (Pluto) and Aries (Uranus) respectively these squares are bringing up hidden matters and creating upheaval and sudden changes at a personal and a Global level. I won’t go into depth about the Global changes as I want to talk about the Square and the Chakras. Or at least this latest square and the heart Chakra. On the Radical Virgo blog, Joyce Mason reports that Serbian astrologer Aleksandar Imsiragic said that the seven exact hits of Uranus square Pluto, the first on June 24 2012, correspond to realignment of our seven chakras. This last square, therefore corresponds to the heart Chakra. Hold that thought while I also mention the Eclipse.


Firstly New Moons represent new beginnings and many of us set intentions on the New Moon. Secondly this was an Eclipse also which means it is an uber powerful time of new beginnings. Thirdly this was a Hybrid New Moon Eclipse which means it was conjunct the North Node of the Moon, the North Node of Fate, our karmic potential. Therefore this represented a leap into our souls intention. Lastly this was at 11 degrees which also represents a gateway to a new beginning.


Can you see how this all lines up to bring big shifts and changes? Not all of these will happen overnight but I have a couple of examples. One of which is something that has happened in my life over the last week and a half.


Before I tell you my story, you all know I practically live on Facebook so this is where I witness most astrology happening in real lives. One of my good Facebook friends told me this week that she and her boyfriend have split up and he has suddenly moved away AND she is going to be making a big move herself. Here we have Pluto bringing things to light (that things weren’t working out), sudden upheaval (end of a relationship and a move), a big new start (New Moon Eclipse) and a time to heal a heart that is hurting (the heart chakra). Astrology never ceases to amaze me in how it shows up. I did have permission to share about this in case you are wondering.


Now to my own unexpected shift. I have been gaining pounds despite changing a lot of eating habits and going back to the gym. I also feel a little breathless at times and have been having the old night sweats (yes it’s that time of life - I am moving into the age of the Crone and that’s the topic of my next blog post so do come back for that). Generally I had been feeling crappy. So I found a fabulous new Naturopathic Doctor who is actually on my insurance, Unheard of. I had a battery of blood tests and went back for the results right after the Eclipse and Pluto/Uranus square.


Turns out I have high cholesterol (triglycerides high also) and I also have high homocystein combined with elevated B12 levels which apparantly means MTHFR (MethyleneTetraHydroFolate Reductase deficiency). It honestly sounds worse than it is as 50-60% of people have some MTHFR polymorphism as they call it. This is, linked to coronary issues as is high cholesterol of course. There’s that association with the heart Chakra RIGHT there. I also have zero progesterone due to that whole Crone thing. So I am facing an upheaval (Pluto) of diet and self care, sudden and unexpected changes to my lifestyle (Uranus) and a new beginning in the form of a new phase of life and how I see myself (New Moon/Eclipse).


I was shocked at first (Uranus shocks) but have taken the decision to embrace the change and follow the advice of the Doctor to the letter. No more simple carbs for me (okay I might sneak the odd glass of red wine), a battery of supplements (better than statins and the like), keeping a food diary, doing weights 3-4 times a week at the gym for 20-25 minutes only to raise my metabolism and generally moving a little more. It’s an adjustment as I love beer, pasta and potatoes. But they no longer love me.


Oh and to complete the shift to a new me I decided to embrace the no poo routine for hair. I no longer use shampoo and conditioner. My husband says I am a hippie. I am good with that 😀


So, this is a big change for me and for me it all goes along with the shift into the next phase of my life. I shall talk more about the emotional shift into being a Crone who plans on staying young at heart and in body in my next post. I hope you’ll follow along.


Have you experienced any sudden or unexpected changes since the Eclipse? Any secrets come to light? I have more examples but I don’t want to go on and on. I think you get the idea. I would love to hear your stories below!





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