We all know by now about the horrific tornado in Moore, OK and something got me thinking about trust, acceptance and gratitude in the face of disaster.

As an astrologer I was not surprised by something like this happening right in the middle of Eclipse season and right on the third of seven Uranus/Pluto squares. Eclipse energy is intense at the best of times but this series of three that ends with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday has felt more intense than usual. Also Uranus is the planet of shocking sudden events and Pluto unearths things. How much clearer could this point to a whole swath of a town being ripped up from the ground.

I don’t only want to talk about astrology today, however. I would like to talk about a video that went viral today. And that is this video of a woman, a Tornado Survivor finding her dog during a TV Interview.


Finding the dog was a beautiful story, of course, and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. It wasn’t that that struck me though. It was the womans sweet soul and demeanor. There was no drama, no ‘why me’, no ‘I’m in shock’. There was complete acceptance that, as she said, ‘this is life’ and that she ‘knew exactly what had happened’. You got a real sense that this woman will deal with this tragedy and get on with her life. Her most notable comment was ‘I’m okay‘.

I LOVE this woman. Others might be crying about how they have lost everything but not this woman. She gave us a shining example that we are not okay because of our circumstances but that we are okay because of how we react to our circumstances. This woman displayed a level of trust and acceptance that I am in complete awe of. She was also grateful.

I am not a religious person, but I do tend to trust that all is, and will be, okay, or rather that I am okay. This doesn’t mean I don’t feel sadness, that I don’t shed tears when ‘stuff’ happens. I would not be surprised if this woman shed a few tears once the initial adrenalin wore off. But she is okay. When my Dad died at the age of 62 a friend asked how I was so okay. All I could think was, ‘this is part of life’. I was very sad of course, I cried in private, but I didn’t fall apart because I was okay. A boy I know, who was headed towards the Olympics as a skier, lost his leg in a skiing accident just over a year ago. He is okay because he chose to be and within months was back on his prosthetic leg learning to snowboard because skiing at that level is no longer an option. He is okay.

And so are you. Trust and have faith that you will be okay and you will be.

How do you react to your circumstances? If you have had nothing awful happen to you how do you ‘think’ you would react? Tell us in the comments below.



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