15885696_sWe have been through some incredible transformational energies over the last few months. I see it in my clients, my friends and on a global scale. What I see most is the inner transformation. So many of my peers are shifting in irrevocable ways. And this can be painful.

There are many reasons for this astrologically but I don’t want to blind you with the science. If you want to know what has been happening there’s enough out there on the internet. I think you must have had your head under a rock to have avoided all the talk of the shift.

What I will talk about today is the energy now and how that MAY help your transformation. We are in one of the most fortunate periods astrologically that we have seen for some time. This week we have Grand trines forming in water - a very ‘lucky’ configuration. This is building to what’s called a Star Of David at the end of July but I’ll write more on that as the time gets closer. The very names of these configurations just feel good though don’t they? And that’s because they are.

This week we have two Grand Trines exacting. One was on the third and one will be on the seventh. Both include Saturn and Neptune and the first included Mercury and next it’s Venus. We will have the Moon, Sun, Mars and Jupiter to come as they all enter the sign of Cancer. What does this mean? It means increased creativity and sensitivity. There will be a lot of emotion around. I just cried at my daughters awards assembly. Or rather I cried more than usual.  Your intuition will be enhanced and you will feel a pull to meditate more or whatever it is that makes your spiritual boat float - oh how very watery of me to say so. Water signs will generally be most affected ,or those with a lot of planets in water signs, but everyone will be affected to a degree. And it’s only going to get stronger. But I shall write more on that later.

To top it off we have a New moon in Gemini on Saturday which officially ends the very intense eclipse season that we have been through since April 25th. New moons are always wonderful times for new beginnings and setting intentions.

To cut a long story short, as my aim is to make my blog accessible to non astrologers, this is a time of forward movement. This is the start of a time where your dreams could come into fruition if you get clear on your desires this week and don’t get stuck in watery, swimming against the tide energy. You still need to do the work. . How apt that I am working on my Desire Map – a Danielle Laporte program.

One last mention. Neptune is stationing retrograde this week and  this will review dreams and desires that have been forming since the end of last year.

So get dreaming! What do you really desire. How do you want to move forward in your life and business? How are you going to tap into this FABULOUS energy?



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