buttons-bg-1The next few weeks are going to be tough.
And awesome.
And Transformational.

But not easy.


Either you or someone you know is being deeply affected. Many are in pain of one kind or another.

But all will be well.

If we learn the lessons we are being called to learn

This is what we have coming up and building already. I will mention them all and then just talk about general energies because it’s almost too much to deal with in a blog post. Well not almost. It is!

We have a big cluster of energies in Aries: Venus, Mars, Uranus and South Node, congregating around the middle of the sign. First Venus and then Mars will conjoin the nodal axis (our past and our future). Underlying everything we have the last exact conjunction of Uranus/Pluto on Mar 16 at 15 degrees (middle of signs). So Venus will join this square on March 4 followed by Mars on Mar 11. Saturn turns retro on Mar 14 (and is in square to Neptune in Pisces). Mercury moves into Pisces on Mar 12, joins Neptune on Mar 18 and the Sun joins with Chiron in Pisces on Mar 8. And we have Eclipse season which is always heightened. A Solar Eclipse at the very. very last degree of the zodiac on Mar 20 and all this finishes up with a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Libra on April 4. There is even more to this but are you already going WOW!?

This is it lovelies. We have been building to this since 2012. And as a collective, since the Sixties. It’s the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Which actually takes 3-500 years to fully arrive. But this is a big shift and boy have I been getting big messages about this.

We are being transformed and reborn as new humans (thanks to Elizabeth Peru for that expression). And we are moving into a time where our connection to other realms, the realm of spirit is closer than ever before.

Over the next 5 weeks we are going to be tested and asked to dig deeper than ever before.

But notice where this all ends. In Libra. A total Full Moon Eclipse conjunct the North Node of our future (the nodes are always conjunct Eclipses). And the Full Moon is at 14 degrees conjunct the degree Mars was at in last April’s Cardinal Grand Cross.

This is an ending. A a beginning.

We are being asked to have one last push to move towards a time of love and equality. And of universal love at that.

We are being asked to love all for where they are at. To accept all for where and who they are.

We are being asked to release old conditioning and patterns and to see the truth. That all is love. John Lennon saw this and so will we.

Libra is the sign of harmony, of justice, balance and connection. Of Striving to be in perfect balance.

But also the sign of war and conflict. Of fighting for peace, ironically.

I suggest you choose the former.

My aha’s around this for me personally, especially as I have North Node in Libra which is being activated big time during this period, is to stop judging. Love for where others are at not where you want them to be or for who you want them to be.Show compassion, understanding and forgiveness. Fight FOR justice but without being AGAINST. And to own it when I don’t do this. Not easy for sure.

This is hugely ironic as I am very guilty of judging the judgmental. I made a start by apologizing to someone yesterday. For my part. With no buts.

I feel this message is one we can all use.

But this is your choice.

Though I have a feeling we may find this easier after the reset of the next few weeks. Universal truths are being revealed.

I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Dream on lovelies.

And make this world a better place.

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I would also like to share with you this prayer for when the going gets tough written by Katrina Kennison. I came across her on Facebook this morning. Perfect timing. Thank you universe.


So much love to all of YOU