Those Down Times

When you just have no get up and go

pets-89726_640Fuck Mars and Saturn Retrograde.

Yes, you heard me right. Fuck them.

Both retrograde at the same time. Both in Sagittarius. Where I have four planets.

And retrogrades ask us to go within.

But Mars and Saturn are not always fun.

Especially when Retrograde.

And I am not having fun right now.

Not quite true. I’m an eternal optimist and love to have fun. And I know these two have their positives. And I always tell my clients to work WITH the energy, not against it.

But sometimes that’s easier to say than do!

I work with the cycles and circles. I help entrepreneurs look at their businesses and how their timing works for them. I also help them to find out how they work best, to understand how others see them, how they earn their money, their mission in life - and other little things like that.

But, and it’s a big but, I forget about MY timing etc at times.

In the last 3 weeks I had flu for almost a full two weeks, there were two suicides at my daughters school and last Friday my 15 year old got taken into hospital after taking too much Benadryl to help her to zone out from the stress and fear going around her school.

And I started to wonder; ‘what the fuck is going on””

Yes, I am slow at times lol.

Mars: I am having my Mars return this year. Not once, but three times.

Now there is nothing wrong with a Mars return.

Usually on a Mars return (when Mars returns to the position and sign that he was at in your natal chart) your energy levels are really high and energetic. It’s also a great time to start new plans for projects that will be launched or come to fruition around 6 months after.

Sounds great right??

It was!!! My first Mars return was on April 2nd 2016 and I was full of energy and doing so much. I felt uber energetic and positive. Pretty much ON FIRE!!! Well literally as Mars rules Aries, a fire sign, and Sagittarius is also a fire sign.

My second Mars return was on May 1st 2016. And, as it approached, I crashed. I had what I would call ‘energetic flu’ for a whole two weeks. I don’t think it was flu in the real sense as I had zero fever. But I could not do anything. I could not even keep my eyes open long enough to read a page of a book.

So Mars appearing to go retrograde over my 7 deg Sagittarius Mars was EXHAUSTING. The universe was clearly saying STOP!. You do not have this right. There’s some shit around your plans that need a rethink. And you need to re-energize.

Around the same time as the second Mars return, Saturn retrograde joined with my natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. Like Mars, a forward transit is usually positive even though Saturn is a hard taskmaster. But Saturn retrograde? At the same time as Mars retrograde return? Both in the same sign? Where I have four important planets? Whoa!!!

stop-1327126_640My get up and go got up and went and hasn’t really come back yet. Jupiter, especially in Sagittarius that he rules, is optimism, expansion and faith in oneself and one’s truth. All three things are low right now. And that’s okay! Because I know what to do right?

An aside - my word for 2016 is expand. Clearly not right now, hahaha.

Saturn moves sloooooowly and is taking forever to move off the same degree as my natal Jupiter. And I am tired. Not as bad as exactly around the second Mars return but drained. My optimism is low. I feel like I will never get there, wherever there is.

Thankfully, Mars turns direct on June 29th and my third Mars return is on August 19th and THAT return will be when I really start new projects and be full of vim and vigor again. Mars has moved away from my natal Mars but is about to pass back over my natal Mercury right on the Full Moon on May 21st. Yay, I get a Full Moon with Mars conjunct on my natal Mercury AND a Mercury in Taurus station direct at the same time! Go me. Hmmm I had better watch my self talk over this coming weekend as I will probably be full of self criticism….. Maybe that’s why I burst into tears on a call with my coach when we talked about disappointment and being a disappointment. I feel another blog post brewing!

Saturn will finally move off the degree of my Jupiter next week, after this coming Full Moon and will not quite reach my natal Mars so - phew. The old Lord of Time turns direct on August 13th so from the middle of August onwards I will be able to take all the lessons learned and the preparation and review work I am being asked to do and blast forward!

So why do I write this post all about me and my aspects. I wanted to show you what an understanding of your astrology can tell you. If I had planned ahead for myself I would have known that this time would be low on energy. Not that I intend doing nothing but now I realize this is an AWESOME time to review a few things and look at my longer term goals and the bigger picture. I also know it’s the perfect time to be doing my Shamanic training and practice as I start to bring it into my work. Through Journey work, energy extraction and Soul Retrieval a lot of my inner work will get done. Then I will be ready to fire on all cylinders.

And another teaching moment for you. When people have an extended ‘Saturn period’ like I am having (Saturn finally entered Sagittarius for good last October) it’s a time for your ‘great work’. The one thing that you always wanted to achieve and the thing that you would go to your death bed regretting not having done. It’s time to write my book. I started it and then got distracted by my activism. I now see that I can be an entrepreneur, a Mom and wife AND an activist. I just cannot let the activism take over as I have been doing. But I can join with others to spread the load!

What would it be like for you to understand when your energetic times and your down times are? What would it be like to know when to hold your events and workshops? What would it be like to really understand how you work best? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

To Your Wild Spirit!