I wasn’t planning on ever blogging about ‘celebrity’ charts but I am a Brit and I love babies and, well, the Royal Babies chart is pretty ah-mazeballs.


The little Prince was born at 4.24pm in Kensington, London on the 22nd July 2013. This make his sun sign Cancer by only 1 minute. Nevertheless this IS Cancer though at this degree he will possess traits from both signs. A caring leader -  fabulous. He not only has his sun in Cancer but also Mercury, Jupiter and Mars and this group of planets are connected in a fabulous water Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune. He also has Capricorn moon and Scorpio rising.


I haven’t had time to go through the family charts to write this but his Father, William is Cancer Sun and Moon, his Grandmother Diana was also Cancer. His mother, Catherine, has Cancer moon and is a Capricorn and Prince Charles is a Scorpio. He is definitely OF this family and his nuclear family will be tightly bonded with these close connections and all that home loving, caring Cancer energy.


I don’t have time in a short blog post to go into all the astrology and most of you are not interested in the detail anyway. So let’s talk about him. As I said he will be a very caring leader and deeply spiritual. He will be a deeply private person like his father and stunningly attractive. His need for privacy could almost border on paranoia as his rising sign will give him a great need to control his environment. It will, however also give him tremendous presence and he will really command respect. He is going to come across as very powerful and determined. And with his looks he’ll be extremely charismatic.


It’s his spirituality and intuitive qualities that I find most interesting. The Royal Family has modernized a lot since his Grandmothers death and I see him as a continuation of this trend. Despite his need for privacy he will quietly bring a more compassionate and caring side into the public profile of the Royals.


As he ages, and I am talking well past midlife, I suspect he may really feel an urge to withdraw more and more from public life as he feels the urge to withdraw the duty he was born into and to move to deepen his connection with his inner life and with spirit.


With his families longevity I do wonder if he’ll actually ever take the throne or whether he will decide to pass it on. I won’t be around to see but maybe this blog will still be around somewhere in the internet and someone will see if I was right. Whether he does or not, he has a beautiful chart and he will definitely be helping to move the Royal Family into this new and more caring, collective time that we are all moving into. And as a full moon baby he will definitely shine!

I know many of you were interested to hear my take on the little Prince. I would love it if you would leave me a comment with your reaction in the comments below 🙂