14597718_sI have noticed a lot more angry women lately. Have you? Astrologically this is the rise of the Black Moon Lilith: the woman inside. The deep womanhood that has been repressed for thousands of years ever. The woman that has been lost during the age of Pisces. The woman that is breaking free.


We saw the start of this in the 1960s when the energies triggered it for a while but now I am seeing and feeling it more and more.


A little background. Lilith was Adams first wife who was created equally, from the same ground and at the same time as Adam and when she refused to be subservient to him she left Eden in anger. She has also been mentioned in other mythologies but the story is similar in each. If you want to read more there is one article on the myth in the Encyclopedia Mythica. Or there’s Google.


Black Moon Lilith in the Cosmos is the womanhood that has been repressed for all this time. The moon usually represents women and womanly qualities and the black moon is the dark Scorpionic side to that. The deeply sexual, angry woman. The woman that is antithesis to the woman hood that has been feted under the patriarchy. And she is pissed off right now as she is in a triangle with Pluto  (the God of the Underworld, in Capricorn, authority and the father) and Uranus (the God of the Sky in Aries ruled by the God of War). These energies are triggering Lilith’s warlike qualities and she is triggering the undermining of authority as we know it.

Lilith is fighting back! She is sick and tired of real womanhood being suppressed.


I felt it in myself when I recently ripped the head off (verbally) a guy who kept insisting on calling me sweetie and resting his hand on my leg because he was just being ‘friendly’. Believe me my Lilith roared!


I see it online also. Robin Thickes rape song Blurred Lines was paradied by some women in this video called ‘Defined Lines‘ and I saw this video on my friend Jenny Watsons Facebook Timeline yesterday. Beware if you are easily offended. These women are angry and getting even. There is no nicey nice about Black Moon Lilith!


I could go on but the Angry Not Cute Facebook page does a very good job of that and there are a lot more examples if you want to look.


Lilith is about getting even until she gets what she wants. Or rather her rightful place.


And it’s all part of a shift into a real balancing between the male and female. This is not about dominating men ultimately. The shift is to a more equal society. But there is anger along the way. And Lilith is one angry woman!


All this with Venus in Scorpio right now. Man women are rising up and the patriarchy is on its way out.


Do you see this in your circles. Are you aware of angry women fighting back? What’s your take on this? Tell us in the comments below!



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