16550316_sWe probably all know by now that we are in Mercury Retrograde. In fact I wrote about it in Mercury Retrograde and First World Problems. In Scorpio this is powerful and deep and the Scorpio energy is about to get stronger so I thought it was time to write about the power of Scorpio generally and how to manage and benefit from this energy.


Later today (22nd October 2013) the sun will move into Scorpio shining it’s light on this powerful energy. We’ll have Sun, North Node of Fate, Saturn and Mercury all in this powerful water sign. And then, on Nov 3 we also have a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio. Added to this, Scorpios ruler Pluto is in a powerful square with Uranus in Aries. I’ll go more into what each of these means over time in my weekly video reports that I email out to my subscribers so if you want even more information about this and other upcoming energies sign up now over on the right!


As I said in my previous post we are being asked to have some really deep, deep reflection time right now. But reflect on what?


Enough of the astrology and more about the feeling because Scorpio IS a water sign and is ALL about feeling.


Scorpio energy is about deeply bonded relationships. It’s about power and powerlessness. It’s passion and resourcefulness. It’s intensity and magnetism. It’s manipulation and obsession. It’s jealousy and loyalty. Scorpio is deeply sensitive and intuitive. Scorpio is secretive and private.


Scorpio is the realm of the deep psyche, therapy, psychoanalysis. It’s the realm of metaphysics. Scorpio goes where others fear to tread. Scorpio attracts and repels. Scorpio is death and rebirth - transformation.


Scorpio is the underworld, the shadow, the hidden. It’s caves, sewers and cemeteries. It’s our sacral chakra. It’s Kali and Durga,It’s swamps and deep still water. It’s sex and magic. Patience and healing.


Do you FEEL the intensity of this energy? Scorpio gets a bad rap but we ALL have Scorpio energy and we’ll all feel it during the coming weeks.


Some will enjoy the energies more than others. I have strong Scorpio energy so I love it. But how can we all enjoy it. Or at least go with the watery flow.


Allow yourself to feel the intensity. Allow yourself time to meditate, to take long salt baths, to journal. Start doing morning pages  to allow the intensity and obsession an outlet. Allow yourself the TIME to go within and be STILL. Explore your depths and that which is hidden within you and you will have revelations with the Eclipse which represents new beginnings. Explore and examine your relationships and your relationship with yourself. Ask yourself how you can go deeper. How you can bond with others in a deeper way - and with yourself. Allow yourself to FEEL.


Find your Scorpio energy and allow yourself to be reborn into your powerful self. Allow the transformation to begin for we all ALL moving into a new way of being, a time of community and the we.


On the other hand, you could bury it and it could fester. Which option sounds better to you?


Tell us in the comments below how you feel about Scorpio energy. Are you comfortable with it? Are you repelled by it? Do you know where Scorpio is in your chart?




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