F*ckin Magic of TOO Muchness

Embrace YOUR Too Muchness Astrology Retreat

Are you TOO MUCH?

Have you been told that you’re too opinionated, too loud, too direct, too sexy, too bossy, too bitchy, too emotional, too moody, too funny?

Have you been told that men don’t like you because they feel like you’re stronger than them.

Are other women intimidated by you.

It’s time to own your motherf*ckin too much-ness!

You’re not too much.

You probably haven’t shown the world nearly enough.

You’ve probably been shrinking that too much-ness into a little pocket inside of you and hiding it from the world’s eyes!

It’s time to stop that sh*t.

Your too much-ness is there within you and this intensive is designed for you to DISCOVER and EMBODY it.

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Announcing the F*cking Too Muchness Intensive in beautiful Dove Mountain, Arizona

From Thursday April 5th to Monday April 9th 2018 we’ll explore the divine feminine through a magical mix of teaching, chart reading and experiential Shamanic healing work.

And we’ll have a ton of fun! Exploring the area, watching the sunset in the private yard with a view over the preserve, cooking and eating together (food is provided), and immersing ourselves in loud, feminine, too much energy!

The Goddess Archetype and Astrology

There are many astrological points in the zodiac that represent the divine feminine. Traditional astrology has generally only looked at the Moon and Venus.  but modern astrology is integrating other divine feminine energies into its interpretation more and more.

By exploring these archetypes in the horoscope, we add more depth and meaning and find hidden parts of our divine feminine that help us to more fully embody our self in current times.

At the Goddess Astrology Intensive in beautiful Dove Mountain, Arizona from Thursday April 5th to Monday April 9th we’ll explore the following archetypes and every attendee will receive a reading of the archetypes in THEIR own chart:

Black Moon Lilith

Lilith first emerged in ancient Sumeria, but is currently best known as Adam’s first wife who, like Adam, was created from the earth, making her the first woman, and equal to the first man in every way.

Adam tried to force her to lie beneath him and she refused, telling him that they were both made from the earth and therefore equal in every way.

When Adam refused to acknowledge her sovereignty and full power, she left him, betrayed and angry. Adam then pled to God, who sent three angels after her, but still, she did not return.

She chose a life of exile over marriage, since she knew, as the first woman, that she could not bend to the will of any man.

Because of this, she was demonized, representing the consequences suffered by any woman that dared to question or reject the domination of the patriarchal world.

In astrology, Lilith represents the part of the personality where we have been shamed, a part of the self that we deny, where we are TOO MUCH .

And……. it is also where we are most “alive,” and most human. 

Therein lies the untapped power.

Black Moon Lilith shows us the path of healing: how to free ourselves from our false roles, delusions, and pretensions, in order to embody the untapped power of the true self.


There are four asteroids that are often used in astrology, representing the transformation from individual to collective awareness.

By first healing ourselves individually, we can then join with others to create a new vision.

The placement of the asteroid goddesses in our charts show us wherein lies our strength.

CERES: The Mother, Goddess of Agriculture

The Roman goddess Ceres was originally known as Demeter to the ancient Greeks; her name translates to “earth mother.”

Ceres shows us where we need to explore the themes of attachment and separation, and how we may need to transform our attachments to the people we love and the ideas we value.

Ceres is the largest of the four asteroids and was the first to be discovered; she is considered to be the matrix of transformation, out of which the other three asteroids operate.

Keywords: Principles of unconditional love, nurturing, self-esteem; working through issues of loss and grief; themes of transformation (death & rebirth); issues with motherhood, death, and blood mysteries.

PALLAS ATHENA: Warrior Goddess, Goddess of Wisdom and Justice

Pallas Athena represents the use of creative energy, and its use in shattering any structures that limit us.

Her placement in the chart shows us our capacity for genius, inspiration, and perception, and how strategy and foresight can lead to concrete results. Her wisdom expresses itself through the arts, healing, and political activism.

Keywords: Principles of creative intelligence; “father’s daughter;” social justice; artistic ability; healing power, confidence, and strength; androgyny; kundalini;  magical will, and creative visualization.

VESTA: Eternal Flame, Goddess of Hearth Fire

The Latin word for hearth is focus, and Vesta’s placement in the chart shows us where our energy is focused, and where we possess the ability to concentrate. This dedication can often lead to some form of alienation from the world, when sacrifices must be made in order to pursue a personal quest.

Vesta’s placement in the natal chart also shows us themes of personal integration, scholastic interests, and path of service.

Keywords: Focus and commitment; ritual; liberated sexuality; what you are willing to commit to; transmutation of the sexual force; sexual fears and guilt; fear of intimacy; purification; self-discipline; personal integration; that which you are dedicated to.

JUNO: Divine Consort, Goddess of Marriage and Relationships

Originally known as Hera, queen of the heavens and triple moon goddess, she ruled women’s sexuality, and the three life phases of maiden, mother, and crone.

Juno’s placement in the chart shows us how we face issues of compatibility, trust, possessiveness, and intimacy needs. Juno’s sign and house position show us qualities we look for in an ideal partner, and is an indicator of one-on-one relationships in general.

Keywords: Spiritual relationships; sexual magic; intimacy and sharing; emotional attachment and possessiveness; projection; power struggles; giving away power.