13606931_sI find I am in a deeply introspective mood as we lead up to the New Moon in Virgo on Thursday morning. This is the dark of the moon, the balsamic phase, and is an important time of rest and rejuvenation.


Intuition and creativity is high, physical energy is low and sleep is important. I am pulled to dream and meander. If I follow the lunar cycles and choose to honor this time I go within and allow my deep intuition to tell me what no longer serves and what I want to manifest in my life.


This is the dreamtime when all the energies of the universe swirl around our own energies. This is when we can create real beauty and abundance in our lives. This is a time to break free of that which holds us back.


As I tune into these phases more and more I instinctively know what needs to end. I brought three things in my life to an end in the last couple of days. Things that no longer serve. Things that, having gone, will open up space for the new in my life. Things that will create freedom to move forward.


And now I dream of my intentions. Before I sleep tomorrow night (Wednesday night) I shall have written my intentions to the universe for the next cycle. My dreams of abundance in all areas of my life and my dreams of changes I want to make in my life. I shall remember that the New Moon is in Virgo with a focus on service, being of use and health. I shall ask the universe for those intentions or better - I do not want to limit the universe after all. I shall also ask that all be for the highest good of all and not forgetting to thank the universe for the abundance that is already in my life.


I shall then read my intentions out loud to the universe over a candle and sleep with the paper under my pillow. Others choose to burn or bury their intentions. Do what resonates with you.


Will you join me?