I am so very excited to announce that my second book, The Complete Guide to Astrology, is available for pre-order now.

In this book, I took the bold move of integrating the language of an ancient technique into Modern Astrology to give an integrated and inclusive approach for the new paradigm that we are entering.

It has long been my belief that the Age of Aquarius is bringing a time where we re-discover ancient ways in a modern way. The fact that Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (to conserve/tradition) traditionally and Uranus (invention/breaking boundaries) is just one of the reasons I have thought so. I have often talked of this with my Cosmic Owl community members (consider joining us), long before this book was birthed. It’s my hope that this book becomes a go to text for beginners that want to use a more inclusive and accessible approach that sees the Cosmos as a living, breathing entity.

Here is a part of the conclusion to give you an idea of what this book offers

One thing I know for sure is that myths are stories created to represent parts of human nature, so we can see how the binary representations have come about under thousands of years of the patriarchy. Our human need for certainty and definition has caused us to see finiteness and polarity where there may, in fact, be connection and integration.

It’s perhaps time, therefore, to consider changing the language completely so that the patriarchal portrayal of masculine as good and light and the feminine as evil and dark disappear and time that the new language used took into account that there are good and bad qualities in both and to leave room to stop defining a person through the Astrological language as either masculine or feminine.

Using this new language, you can look at an Astrological chart in a more non binary manner and create a more holistic view of both yourself or a person as an individual with different traits that are neither good nor bad, just different.

With the advent of Modern Astrology, Astrologers have been moving away from the use of good and bad but we need to go further and moving away from using the terms masculine and feminine as defined by mythical archetypal interpretations this opens us up to a whole new understanding in the chart.

This book, therefore, asks you to step into a more creative and imaginative space, to feel the webs of connectivity that threads through all living things, including the Universe. To feel the pulse and inhale and exhale of all that is in its multiplicity and non-linearity. This book invites you to feel the entanglement rather than the separateness that we have approached the Astrological spaces with for millennia.

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Much Love