“Thank you so much for that Eclipse reading.
It was really relevant to me. I got really emotional while listening at it. It took me a while to listen to the whole reading.
I kept on listening to the first part before the tarot. There were so much informations, wow! And the tarot was amazing!

You are right, I am REALLY Gemini, an eternal student who love to share the knowledge. I used to be a lab tech in hospital, I always want to heal people or help them finding the right solution for themselves .

So, I really am in the vibe of mastering my emotions, changing my relation with my mother and speak out. It is like I already know all that stuff you told me, and not at the same time, like a déjà vu .

And it is intense to receive, it sounds to me like a brand new way to live, the real moment I am taking the lead of my life…without trying to control everything.

Last week, I have got an energetic healing (kind of reiki) session with one healer of my town. It helped and it was all aligned with what you said to me also.

These days I struggle with my throat, always tight, like when you wanna cry but you don’t want to, and you try to resist.

And I feel like everything is upside down. The energies are really really different since the eclipses, it is what I have notice around me.

Seriously, I needed that reading at that moment, it opened more my eyes and it helped me to explain some stuff I was feeling and some desire/craving I had and still have.

The work you are doing is a quality one. You care about people and I can feel it. I’m really happy that I found your podcast, what Jen and you are doing is such important and I am really grateful that your podcast appeared in my life at a moment where I had some questions.

Thank you again!”