“I thoroughly enjoyed my Astrology session with Louise!  Though I have been studying Western Astrology for a few years, Evolutionary Astrology was newer to me!  Louise is an incredible Evolutionary Astrologer!  Her delivery was compassionate, intuitive, and insightful!  I was able to gain so much more clarity about my purpose and soul mission in this lifetime!  I was totally validated with how I was feeling regarding my present work as a healer and not feeling in complete alignment with my work as a healer.  She was able to give me direction and ideas that felt more of who I am and how I may serve my Soul purpose and Humanity in this lifetime!  I whole heartedly believe if more humans understood their Soul’s evolutionary journey and purpose, we could heal humanity!  Evolutionary Astrology is an extraordinary tool for this!  I highly recommend a reading with Louise!  I believe she is a standout in the growing popularity of astrologers because she understands that when we know ourselves at the deepest level and our Evolutionary journey ~ we heal, transform and can be of purpose in this world in the highest way!  Something so needed in this time!  I also highly recommend both her books!  Loved them both!  Thank you, Louise,!  I am so grateful!”