At a time of deep grief, trauma, and immense and painful change, both collective and personal, I reached out and scheduled a Reading with Louise. I needed help in seeing the landscape of my experiences clearly. I needed support in disentangling my very injured self from the debris, to enable space and healing and eventual forward movement. My Reading with Louise was the most clear and penetrative Reading I have ever received. Astrology is complex. Out of a myriad of astrological multiplicities, Louise discerned and pinpointed precisely what was relevant. It was truly extraordinary. For me, being able to see the ecology of the skies, and particular planetary relationships at pivotal times over the last several years, was arrow of truth I had been seeking. Louise explained what I was seeing, in a way that all confusion simply fell away. She was kind. My experience of my Reading felt like psychic surgery of the the gentlest and most incisive nature. Afterwards, as I walked in the rainforest close to my current abode, I felt cleansed and clarified, and thus, much deep release was enabled effortlessly. I am very grateful.