I want to capture the importance, fun, and meaningful experience having sessions with Louise is to me. Let’s start with, I have always wanted to have what I call an ‘astrological reading’, a reading of my whole chart where I could learn more about my inner workings via the universe I live in. For my birthday, I decided to give a session as a gift to myself and one for my son. To say that I felt empowered and connected to the universe after that first session would be an understatement. It was like opening a door and being happily surprised at all the goodness on the other side. It’s not to say it’s all sunshine and roses, especially considering roses have thorns. A session with Louise carries with it a very human, light element…light and dark, warnings and insight, guidance and thought-provoking questions, laughter and yes, sometimes tears. A session carries with it a moment in time where you can hear and feel the universe just for yourself and that is invaluable. As for my son, he’s a teenager and growing through things that are, well, teenage. If you have a child that could benefit from a session with Louise, I would highly recommend it. She will communicate with you as a parent in a way that respects your trust in her with your child while providing a grounding and enlightening space for your child. My son and I are on a journey and continuing to do sessions with Louise, which I look forward to each time and cannot wait for the recording after to review and take notes on the things happening and ahead. If you are looking for a connection to the universe and that led you to Louise, contact her and let the universe take it from there. You will not be disappointed. 🙂