Yesterday, I experienced the fine pleasure of receiving a reading from Louise. The reading was incredibly thorough and insightful. She began by noting impactful transits and placements in my past, asking if they coincided with any major life incidents, and of course, in each instance the answer was yes.

While she didn’t want to concentrate on past traumas and dramas too long, she used the information to create a mental map of where the energy began and where it either was or is slated to end. She noted influences on my horizon that I can already feel pulling me in the ways she indicated they might. It was an emotionally validating experience, and I feel empowered to step into unchartered areas of my life, most notably in my career path.

On a more personal level, re-listening to my reading today is quite a therapeutic experience too. I can hear the uncertainty in my voice, defense of consequences of past situations that have been beyond my control. But Louise’s reassurance is steadfast and soothing, and also completely logical. It is comforting to remember I was never in control; while relinquishing control spiritually is one thing, doing it intellectually is another. Louise cast zero judgment on my responses and created a timeline in which I might expect to feel things shift. She also made helpful recommendations for practices and reading material that might help with healing some of the old traumas.

Regardless of what a person is going through, I highly recommend Louise’s services. I will definitely be back for more!