So just so you know by training I am a counselor and teacher.  I have taught at the university level and stopped doing so a few years back because it was no longer enjoyable to do it such a structured way within an institution.  I still teach and when the website for Savvy Sage launches within the next month you will see how right you are about the direction I am taking.  One of the areas I am working in spiritually that you will see aligns in the hit you got regarding death doulas is that I am actually working with nonphysical energies and transitioning spirits who have not left the earth into the light.  I don’t advertise it or talk about it much except with the energy workers I work with.  It fascinating when it happens.  Also, I am going to be beginning offering heart empowered meditation calls through energy worker I have worked with over the last few years.  Barbara is based in CO and has asked me to be one of several facilitators who do that work.  A lot is coming together and evidently, there is more to come!  You are not the first person to tell me I will write a book.  (One of the reasons the morning pages were brought back into my life.)  I could go on and on about all the synchronicities and the “breadcrumbs” that are leading me in the direction of my next life purpose.  I know that it is emerging and certainly that I have only touched the tip of this iceberg.