Well hello guys and welcome back to Tea With Louise. With a new focus. Intending this to be monthly, I shall be interviewing people who have had life changing events in their lives and looking at the astrology around that time. And also generally getting to know them 🙂 Many will be entrepreneurs and fellow healers but this series is not intended to just be about introducing their services. Though if they resonate, that’s great! I am looking to see how astrology plays a part in big life changes. Some changes and transitions will be more dramatic than others but each one is very personal.My first guest is the fabulous Barbara Schaefer. Barbara experienced a near death experience that completely changed her life.I shall be interviewing her on Feb 26th at 1pm MST so mark your calendars. She will share her story and I shall look at what was happening in the astrology at that time and in relation to her natal chart. Please view the recording and leave us a comment! It’s a fascinating story!







Barbara Schaefer is a living serendipity coach, numerology of your soul expert, business name expert and champion sled dog musher. She is the co-author of #1 Women’s Leadership Book: Be the Lead Dog, 7- Life Changing Lessons Taught By Sled Dogs.  She teaches women leaders how to live a life of ease and grace by using the skills of serendipity. And she got here in a most…well…serendipitous way.


Barbara was on the fast track in corporate management. She loved her job, but her marriage and health were suffering greatly. She tried changing jobs, but she wasn’t getting the message that it wasn’t the job that needed changing.  SHE needed to change. She took up sled-dog racing.


A few months later, Barbara entered her first sled dog race. Instead of the thrilling ride she was hoping for, Barbara hit her head, was knocked unconscious, and had a near-death experience. For seven minutes, Barbara was away from her body, receiving information that she needed to bring back to share with women leaders.


When Barbara regained consciousness, she was a changed person. She had difficulty walking at first. She had impaired hearing and vision, and could no longer do math. She felt she was a slightly different person. Over the next 15 years, Barbara healed and cleared the trauma in her body and energy fields, and began to remember and share more of her near-death experience.


During Barbara’s journey to her own source consciousness, she received information that she offers to others as Soul Wisdom Sessions. In these sessions, Barbara reads, clears and heals blocks preventing women leaders from sharing their natural brilliance. She catalyzes and connects women to their soul wisdom codes, hidden inner knowledge lying deep in the heart of each woman that unlocks inner her own empowered confidence. As a woman understands her own wisdom codes, she can eliminate self-doubt, rebuild her self-trust, and have a lot more fun and adventure in life.

If you are ready to reveal your own gifts, integrating and grounding your Light, so you can embody Living Serendipity without hardship, give her a call. You’ll receive a free Map of Your Soul Wisdom based on your birth name, and a few keys to your own soul wisdom codes.
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