I know it well.
My Mum has a Taurus sun along with Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. It’s who comes to mind every time I think of Taurus energy.

She loves to cook. She loves to entertain. She loves to indulge. She loves comfort.

And she’s steady. And stubborn. She won’t be pushed.

She’s deliberate and loyal.

Taurus rules the throat, neck and thyroid and she had her thyroid gland removed at a fairly young age.

Taurus is sensual and my Mum likes to feel good. Taurus loves a happy, harmonious and stable home. And that, for the most part, is the energy I grew up in.

Taurus is fixed and boy does she have some set ideas.

Taurus is earth. My Mum wears earth tones almost all the time. It’s the most earthy of all the signs and is the sign most connected with nature and the body and all things manifest, including money.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and, therefore, likes to be surrounded by things that are pleasing and soothing to the senses. Taurus is the most material of all the signs but it’s more about reward for persistence and their steady drive towards their goals.

We are very different. But there she is on the cusp of my fourth house. The house of the childhood home. The house ruled by Cancer and the moon, the great mother. And the house of family history and traditions. The house of our roots. And the house of the home that we create.

I am deeply connected to my maternal ancestors. I never felt that way about my paternal side much as I loved my Dad. That’s not to say that’s how this will work in your chart.

This is Taurus for me.

I love to create a steady, safe home. Feeding my family and being the steady presence in our home has always been important to me. And at a deeper level I care deeply about Mother Earth, our human home. And about the female energy on the earth. I am an earthy mother to my daughters despite my other, more freedom and change loving qualities.

In many ways I am my mother in my home.

Where Taurus is in your chart is where you will most bring or attract the qualities of Taurus into your life.

And as the sun now moves into Taurus we will all be moving to manifest the goals and intentions we set under the Aries New Moon. To bring the qualities of steadiness, dogged persistence, and deliberate action into our lives. Of course there will also be the temptation to over indulge and to stay stuck in the mud. You get to choose whether you ground and persist or resist.


Taurus is also about your value and your core values. Your self esteem and self respect. It’s about putting down roots and making things solid.

You have been asked to look at who you are, to look at your unique self after all the transformation of the last 3/4 years. You are changed. And the Aries New Moon told you that it’s time to start. A new beginning.

Now it’s time to manifest. To really live and BE the new you. To connect the new sense of I with the senses. To really ground your humanity and to live by your core values. Those for me are family, connection, equality, compassion and Mother Earth. What about you?

Do you know where Taurus is for you? Do you feel the steadier earthy energy? Are you ready to build and manifest the life that really works for YOU?


Much Love






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