Screenshot 2016-04-06 09.36.15Well, well, well 🙂 Here’s the post I have been threatening for a while. A look at the astrological chart of the USA. As an aside, there are two USA charts and much discussion over which is the correct chart, so I am using the one that feels right to ME. I won’t detail why as that’s not what I want to focus on today.

The election here in the USA is like no other election in our lifetime. People are sick and tired of the establishment, the big money in politics, lobbyists, economic inequality, working two to three jobs to survive, States choosing not to expand Medicare and so much more. The USA is, quite honestly, going through revolutionary and difficult change. And there is reason for that!

I have talked many times about the Uranus/Pluto square over the last four years. Uranus, the Lord of Lightening Bolts and revolution in the sign of the warrior and Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth and transformation, in Capricorn, the sign of institutions, Government, banks, Churches - any kind of ‘establishment’ institution. And in the last four years this aspect has been impacting the chart of the USA in a major way. And these two planets of deep and lasting change are not done yet!

The dates and degrees of the Uranus/Pluto square are as follows

  • June 26th, 2012: 8 degrees
  • September 19 2012: 6 degrees
  • May 21 2013: 11 degrees
  • November 1 2013: 9 degrees
  • April 21 2014: 13 degrees
  • December 15 2014: 12 degrees
  • March 17 2015: 15 degrees

Now, I don’t want to get overly technical but the signs most affected by this were Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (all the Cardinal signs, which initiate change). The US Sun is at 13 degrees of Cancer and Saturn (which rules Capricorn) is at 14 degrees of Libra. All the squares came very close to these US planets but the last three were almost exact and the Grand Cross of April 2014 added Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer into the mix. All making conjunctions or challenging square and opposition aspects to the US Sun and Saturn.

In a nutshell, this was very tough on the whole psyche of the US as a nation.

And there is more to come.

But first, the US ‘natal’ chart, briefly.

The Sun in Cancer makes (and Venus, Jupiter and Mercury) tend to make the US very protective. Hence all the fear and 4382281_srhetoric about ‘protecting our freedom’ when, compared to many other countries, there have been very few attacks on US soil (not that I am belittling those that have happened). Many of the terrorist attacks in this country have been carried out from people who were born and bred here. The Sagittarius ascendant gives the illusion of freedom which, as an expat, I can tell you is less ‘free’ than many other places. The Libra Midheaven suggests that the true mission of the United States is to bring equality, balance and justice. What that means, however, is changing due to the pressures on the chart over the last and next few years. There is a lot more to the Natal chart but I would rather focus on what is happening to increase all the turmoil in this country.

Pluto is turning retrograde on April 18th at 17 deg of Capricorn and will travel back to and will turn direct at 14 deg on Sept 26th. Pluto is, therefore, retracing the the degrees right back to just before the last exact Uranus/Pluto square and Pluto will once again oppose the US Cancer Sun and square Libra Saturn. This means that we are still in upheaval and transformation with more to come in the coming years as the USA reaches it’s Pluto return (in my estimation this has already begun though it won’t be exact and have 3 passes until 2022 - which should be an ‘interesting’ year). But the retrograde of Pluto impacting both the Sun and Saturn again is likely to finish uncovering things already started. Lot of secrets about our institutions have been uncovered since 2008 and is likely to dig up more going forward. In fact until March 2023! But more is very likely this year under the retrograde.

ecology-158929_640The USA is definitely undergoing a revolution of sorts.

Let’s turn now to the USA’s Chiron in Aries. Chiron is often seen as the bridge between the personal (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). In mythology he was the priest King of the Centaurs and skilled at hunting, medicine, music, gymnastics, warfare and astrology.  Chiron got wounded by a poisoned arrow by dropping it on his own foot. And, in fact, the poison was one that Chiron had taught Hercules to make. To cut a long story short, Prometheus was chained to a rock as punishment for giving fire to humans and Zeus set Prometheus free in exchange for the immortal wounded Chiron to descend into Hades. Therefore, by healing the chironic wound, both Prometheus and Chiron were healed or released from a tortured life.

With Chiron in Aries, the search for identity is one of the predominant characteristics. Who am I? Why am I here? What does the world want of me? Chiron in Aries is also an initiator and trail blazer and very courageous. Sound like the USA? Not to get too political but the warrior like character of the USA often seems to shoot itself in the foot. Interventionist policies often lead to new wars, the fight against drugs led to a drug epidemic. Get the idea? So maybe if the USA turns attention to healing itself, not others, then some of this wound will be healed.

Tomorrow, the New Moon in Aries at 18 deg Aries is conjunct Uranus (20 deg Aries) and squaring Pluto (see earlier). Aries is a new beginning, the first sign of the zodiac. Uranus is revolutionary and Pluto, as mentioned before, is transforming our institutions. I believe, therefore, that this New Moon is going to bring more RADICAL change and healing in the USA. It’s interesting that the Panama papers were released just before the New Moon and there is likely to be more to come from this.

In addition to this, the transiting North Node is at 21 deg of Virgo which is right at the midpoint of the USA’s Neptune at 22 deg Virgo and Lilith at 19 deg Virgo. We have this ongoing Pisces/Virgo polarity for most of this year. I have described it as the true Christ Consciousness coming to earth in grounded service. Notice I say ‘consciousness’ - and more and more people are waking up to the fact that we really are in this together, every single one of us and all that is on earth. Lilith is being triggered to bring more of the powerful, deep female energy back to the USA and Neptune is being aspected in a way that will bring more love, peace and compassion - eventually. It’s happening, if you look for the good. And the North Node, our Karmic potential/future is positioned in JUST the right place for this.

In the election here in the USA, Bernie Sanders own North Node is at 22 deg Virgo (just had his Nodal Return as I spoke about in Bernie Sanders: President For the Age of Aquarius) - conjunct the USA’s Neptune AND transiting Jupiter is retrograding on his natal sun at 15 deg Virgo. On June 21st there will be a Mutable Grand Cross with transiting Jupiter and the North node conjunct exactly on Bernie Sander’s sun, in his 10th house, the house of his mission in life. Add to this that transiting Chiron in Pisces is exactly conjunct his South Node in Pisces it feels destined that Sanders is here to bring healing the USA in so very very many ways.

In fairness, this New Moon is conjunct Hillary Clinton’s natal Moon IF her birth time of 8.02 am is right but she has fewer connections with the chart of the USA.

I can’t bring myself to look at the charts of Drumpf and Cruz.

It’s kind of ironic that a Jew is bringing the message of love, compassion and peace as we move from the age of Pisces (the age of Christianity) into the new paradigm of the Age of Aquarius, don’t you think?

Let me know what you think!

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