Image credit: <a href=''>stylephotographs / 123RF Stock Photo</a>For the next four months we have Venus in Capricorn which is inviting us to take a long, cool look at love. Venus is the female principle. She is love, relationships, beauty, harmony and wealth. Capricorn is discipline, ‘common’ sense (whatever that really is), boundaries, responsibility and reliability. And Venus is in Capricorn for four whole months as it will retrograde in this sign.


So what does this mean for us? To me this is another astrological event that gets a bad rap. I have seen many saying that it’s a cold place and the like. Well yes, it can be. But not always.


‘Love is what makes the world go around’. ‘Love is all we need’. These and so many sayings about love. People crave love and want to feel loved. But what is love?


Lasting love is not the slush of romantic novels. Well for sure that’s maybe the START of love. But true love that lasts goes deeper and needs work. Love is an act, a verb, something that we do.


Lasting love is not giving so much that you lose yourself in relationships. And that applies to your partner, your children, your close friends. Whoever is significant in your life. Lasting love starts with loving yourself first and foremost. Yes, really.


And this is one of the lessons of this long period of Venus in Capricorn. During this time we will have the strength to really look at our relationships and see where the patterns and structures no longer serve us. We can look at our own part in unhealthy patterns with a more dispassionate eye and, therefore, have either the opportunity to heal those patterns or to release relationships.


This is about growing up and moving into healthier, deeper relationships where we have strong personal boundaries and learn to love others with less attachment and to see our relationships more clearly. It’s about building stronger relationships. It’s a continuation of the deep work we have been doing in Scorpio.


Are you ready? Tell us below how you feel about the prospect of Venus in Capricorn.




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