Symbology (and more Astrology) of Bernie Sanders

Screenshot 2016-05-06 09.53.21I have looked at the astrology of why I feel Bernie Sanders is the President for the Age of Aquarius and now I am going to speak about symbology and imagery and a little more Astrology.

For months I have been speaking about the true Christ Consciousness that is entering the collective unconscious now and right through 2016. The purification and the energy of the collective unconscious, peace, unconditional love - and chaos. But also service. This is represented in Astrology by the Pisces (collective unconscious, unconditional love) and Virgo (service, purification) that has been in play for months and will be for the rest of this year.

I have also talked at length about the move from the me to the us, the I to the we.

So let me expand!

When the above image was posted on the Utah For Bernie Sanders Facebook page someone commented something to the effect that ‘he looks like Jesus on the cross’. I should stress that I am not a religious person and I believe that Jesus was an enlightened teacher whose message was so in tune with the message of Sanders. Oh, and they were/are both Jewish.

I’m not suggesting that Bernie is someone ‘holy’ or ‘special’ other than the fact I believe we are all special and that the God spark is in all of us. I am, however, suggesting that Bernie Sanders is a representation of the astrological shift we are going through.

And then I listen to Bernie.  In every speech without fail, Bernie uses the word ‘we’ over and over.   This has spawned hashtags such as #NotMeUs. Bernie talks about how ‘we’ can do this together, we can change the face of politics in the USA, and we can save the world from destruction caused by ourselves.

It’s something non Bernie supporters don’t understand as we get called a cult. It’s not about Bernie alone. It’s about the movement that has been ignited by someone willing to speak the truth about the state of this country and the world.

It’s about compassion for our fellow human beings, it’s about reversing climate change so that our kids and their kids have a future, it’s about reducing the vast and inequitable economic divide, and it’s about peaceful solutions to the world’s issues.

It’s about coming together, making one person one vote really count again, and bringing the USA back to “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

When the other democratic Candidate speaks it’s always I. I will do this, I say this, I am experienced, I, I, I. It feels as if this person is saying ‘I know best’ so it’s all about me and what I can do. This person’s words do not feel sincere when she is trying to be compassionate. There’s a blankness, a mask, beyond which it’s difficult to see.

The more people see and know about Bernie, the more they like him. Having been at 4 rallies I can tell you that his compassion and caring oozes out of him. He is one of us.

No one gets that close to HRC to get a sense of the real person. She seems cold and distant.

But back to Bernie and signs and symbols.

The bird. Yes, the bird. You knew I was going there right?

Here’s one of the videos of it in case you missed it.

Listen to what Cenk from The Young Turks says right after. 

In the Shamanic World birds represent simpler states of being and higher knowledge. And birds are thought to be a ‘wink from God’ (universe - whatever you wish to call universal energy). The bird was a house finch and Native Americans held the finch as a bird of happiness, joy and freedom. In addition, Native wisdom holds the finch as an oracle of celebration and upcoming festivities.

Either way, the bird was a great omen for Bernie!

And more astrology. Jupiter and the North node are traveling together (and gradually coming closer together and meeting) in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. On June 14, the day of the last Primary, Jupiter will be at 15 Deg 10 Mins of Virgo and the North Node will be at 16 Deg 45 Min of Virgo.

Bernie Sanders Sun is at 15 Deg 36 Mins of Virgo in his 10th house of public reputation, mission and career. For all intents and purposes Jupiter and the North Node will be conjunct his Sun on June 14th. North Node represents where we are headed and Jupiter denotes luck, expansion and opportunity.

Also, during this period Uranus (revolution, surprises and shocks) is conjunct Eris (sister of Mars and the female Goddess of War, of female aggression and stepping out in the world). And these two are conjunct Bernie Sanders Mars. And all in Aries, the sign of ‘me first’ and leadership. Is Bernie here to revolutionary change this ‘me first’ energy and integrate the male and female warrior archetypes?

In one article it is stated that; “If the Eris archetype is developed fully, humanity may never have to experience war again. The feminine Eris will balance the aggression of Mars. A well developed Eris archetype could banish all war. The ancient prophecy of swords turned into plowshares could be realized.”

So here we have Mars/Eris and Uranus all at the same degree of Bernie’s chart over the summer and for the rest of the year, pretty much, when we decide who the nominee is. Doesn’t that sound like Bernie’s message? A political (peaceful) revolution; a peaceful approach to foreign relations; balancing of the female and male archetypes?

These three, Mars/Eris/Uranus are also opposing Bernie’s Venus in Libra in his 11th house. Libra is all about social justice, balance, equality, and harmony. Venus rules Libra so this is kind of doubled up. And the 11th house is community and tribes. This is the I/We, Me/Us axis in the chart and this opposition is likely to bring revolutionary change to social justice amongst the collective

One last thing is that Jupiter will be conjunct Bernie’s North Node of fate/destiny and his future when he is at the Democratic convention. Opportunity, expansion and luck, remember?

Yes, you are right, I am obsessed with all this. But I have faith (Jupiter) that Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Nominee and the next President of the USA.

The current tally of pledged delegates (though this is and will change) is HRC 1683 : Bernie 1362. There are 1114 pledged delegates left to be voted on. These numbers are according to Real Clear Politics. The magic number to get the nomination outright is 2383.

Therefore, HRC needs 700 (or 62% of the remaining pledged delegates) and Bernie needs 1021 (or 91%). Yes, it’s clear that HRC is in the lead right now, but what is also clear is that neither is likely to get to 2383 pledged delegates. So, this will be a contested convention and Bernie will have narrowed the gap significantly by then.

And THAT’s when the Super Delegates actually pledge their votes. A lot can happen by then. And that’s also where National Delegates, like myself, will go and fight for Bernie to be the nominee. Incidentally, we have to fund our own trip to Philly and it’s NOT cheap. I have a fundraiser going if anyone can manage to throw the price of a cup of coffee my way I would greatly appreciate it.

After all, we have to make sure that the best person for our future and the future of our planet gets elected!

Or we are screwed.