imgresAs we approach the summer solstice of 2013 I am drawn to remember the solstice of the year 2000.That year the solstice was at 2.48pm GMT on the 21st. A short time after this I woke up in labor with my second child. I had a magical (yes really) labor. I labored all day at home with only a TENS machine, a couple of puffs of Gas and Air and a birthing pool for pain relief. I walked around our English garden stopping to lean on my husband every now and then when I had a contraction. I ate some homemade soup when I felt a little peckish. It was truly magical. Alice Victoria was born in the birthing pool at 5.05pm. The birds were singing outside the window and I could hear the kids playing next door. Her second name is Victoria after my Grandfather, Victor, whose birthday was also June 21st. He died many years before but it seemed to be fitting that she carries his name.

Why do I tell you this on the eve of this solstice? I want to talk about how I felt that day. I was not an ideal candidate for a home birth, apparently. I was 40. My first pregnancy had ended in induction, an epidural, forceps and a baby that had to be given oxygen before I could hold her. This time I was determined to have no intervention. I learned all I could about the birth process. First time round I had relied upon the medical profession to teach me this. They didn’t. I withheld small niggles from my midwife as I knew they would have me in hospital at the first excuse.

Above all, I believed in the power of my body and my ability to do this. I felt powerful. I felt this deeply instinctual, feminine ability to do what my body was meant to do. Never once did it occur to me that I could not do this. I felt like a primal woman. I was completely in my body. No mean feat for a Gemini moon. I transported to another space. As I said, magical.

In my last blog post, “An Astrological Pivot Week“, I talked about the shift “from thinking to feeling. A ‘getting out of our head time’ and really moving into a more feminine time. A very watery time of flow and emotion.” And I would like to expand.

The Cancer energy is powerful this solstice as it was in 2000. Cancer is the mother. Nurturing, emotionally connective, family oriented, intuitive and instinctive. The sun, of course, is in Cancer and the sun shines a light on the sign wherever it is. We also have Mercury the planet of perception, listening and communication in Cancer. Also we have Venus, the most feminine of planets, the planet of desire, relationship, love and values in Cancer. Jupiter, which expands everything will join them in another 4 days. Lastly, but by no means least we have Lilith in Cancer. Lilith is Kali feminine energy. Primal, instinctive, often portrayed as dark by patriarchal society. The story of Lilith is that she was cast out of Eden as Adams first wife because she refused to lie under Adam. She is associated with deep desire and the taboo. She is the side of the feminine that has been suppressed and hidden under the patriarchy, portrayed as ‘dark’. Kali is a similar figure though less sexual. She is the deeply compassionate mother who removes her children from the trap of the ego. She represents the death of the ego and the deep I AM.

To add to all this we have the super moon on Sunday. This is in Capricorn which really represents authority and the patriarchy. The sun is always opposite the moon at full moon so here we have the feminine moon sitting right in Capricorn, the sign of authority, and the more masculine sun sitting in Cancer which is ruled by the moon. Fabulous.

Combine all these energies together – and there are other markers here that I won’t go into – we find ourselves moving into the collective space that I was lucky enough, individually, to be in 13 years ago. The rise of the feminine. Not in the simpering manner of a 1950’s housewife and not in the manner of trying to emulate the patriarchal male. This is a new feminine. For me it calls to mind women such as Morgana from the Arthurian legends. Strong women who are deeply powerful and intuitive, sexual yet not sexy in the dreadful way sexy has come to mean. This energy is strong. Many men will feel it also. It’s not limited to women. It’s a shifting into a whole new paradigm. A time where feelings and emotion are recognized over rational thought. Where desire is valued over hard goals.

Are you feeling this shift? If you do not allow this energy to flow in and through you it may be forced upon you from the outside. Personally, I find it thrilling and exciting. Do you?



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