Which Way To GoWhere have I been? Well, physically moving as most of you know. But it’s been more than that.

I withdrew.

I stopped doing my Radio Show (that is coming back starting this Wednesday), stopped doing readings (doing a few now) and stopped doing my weekly Cosmic Transitions Report.

I needed this time.

I needed to find me through this shift.

What the heck does that mean you ask!

As an evolutionary astrologer I believe that we are constantly finding ourselves. We are here to grow and evolve and to learn our souls evolutionary lessons. We are not ‘set in stone’ at that moment of birth. We learn lessons at different times in our lives and shift and grow. Or resist and stay stuck. But really that’s rare. Most of us evolve but some make more of a conscious effort to do so and evolve to a greater degree.

As a Mentor, I’m a catalyst, a magic maker. Everyone needs a wild card to help them to manifest the life they want and to move towards their souls purpose. And I am that person. Through one on one work and teaching I help you to manifest your souls purpose and to change your life in ways that you didn’t even know you wished for at first.

But this time, I needed me. And my mentors and friends.

I won’t bore you with the detail but I am going through some very major and life changing shifts. So, as I shift then so does my work. There will be no more weekly videos. I know, I know, you all love them. But really they were copying one of my Mentors. And I am not him. He is fabulous at what he does and I love him immensely. And I may post his videos on my Your Cosmic Blueprint page often. But they are not me.

I want to do things my way.

I shall still do my Radio Show. In fact I shall do that with more intention. More teaching.

But I want to write more. And talk about how the over arching energies affect YOU rather than getting bogged down in the detail of things.

My Mentoring Circle will still get trainings on major astrological events such as New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, the upcoming Pluto/Uranus square on my birthday.

And I shall write.

But not all my writing will be about astrology.

My Facebook page will still talk about astrology daily. But also about other things. I plan on stepping up and owning my place as a Way Shower, a Catalyst, a Magic Maker.

There is a place for much deep astrological writing and many do it well. But that’s not my souls calling. When I get bogged down in the detail I feel I am doing it to ‘prove’ my astrological knowledge.

Well, I do not have need of that. I know I know my stuff. What you need from me is HOW you are being affected and how to do your Life Path work.

And that’s where I have been.

Finding my path.

Now let me help you find yours.




Louise Edington is a Life Path Catalyst who helps to guide you to manifest the life of your dreams through a combination of astrology, mentoring and intuition. For different ways to work with Louise please click here.