Join Me For An Encore Complimentary Virtual Event on June 21st at 9am MST

When is the best time to launch your programs so they work with YOUR energy and the energy of the Universe?

Discover how Shamanic Ceremonies can help you to increase your income as you tune in to the energies of your business, yourself AND your clients.

Shift your perception. Align your business.

Discover your elemental archetype that can change everything.

In This Special Event, You’ll Learn:

  1. Find out what Elemental Sight is exactly and what the Elemental Archetypes are.
  2. How to have a business that works with YOUR unique energies so that you can unlearn what everyone has told you you ‘should’ do.
  3. How a shift in your perception can change EVERYTHING in your business and remove doubt and fear.
  4. What a Power Animal is and how he or she can help you in your business so that you are not doing this alone!
  5. How to use Shamanic Tools to ask your business what it wants from you.

More than a ‘free call/webinar’, this is a virtual event that is centered around Shamanic Ritual and Ceremony to help you to harness the energies of the Full Moon and Summer Solstice so that you take the first leap into being in tune with the universe and your business.

An alchemical mix of Ceremony, Astrology and teaching will guide you into the third quarter of 2016 so you know how to maximize the opportunities that are around you already.

As we will be doing Ceremony and ritual I ask that you take the time to be in a quiet place and focused for the duration of the call.





One lucky person will get to sit on the throne (must be on the call live and on video) and receive a personal session to give guidance for the coming three months.


Join the Experience

June 21st 9am MST

8am PST, 11pm EST

I have always been curious about astrology, but most of it is always over my head. ‘This planet is in my 11th house, or this is squared to that’ and none of it has ever made sense.

Yet, I knew that knowing this about myself, held a clue to working with the energy around me, particularly with what I was creating in my business. I could feel that certain times of the year, I was more energized and driven, and other times all I wanted to do was hibernate. But as a driven business owner, I never gave myself permission to rest even when I felt it. It felt irresponsible, and like I was potentially missing out on huge opportunities. So I pushed through, until the brink of burnout, and trying to make things happen in that energy never works. This all changed when I had my session with Louise.

When I had my session with Louise to understand the astrological energy that was specific to me, I quickly saw how there are times of the year that are my ‘GO’ times, and other times that I’m actually way more productive if I just sit back and rest. I walked away from my session understanding myself better, and specifically when are the times of year are the best times for me to launch programs, host events and rejuvenate. Now, I no longer guess when to do things. I no longer push myself to the brink of burnout under the guise of being a responsible business owner. I know how to work with the energy that is specific to me and to create my marketing around THAT, which has proven to be highly productive and inspired. The results are still coming in because I know when to put all of my ideas into action. No more overwhelm. Just flow and real results.

Angella Johnson

International coach, author and speaker for Soulpreneurs

Two years ago I needed help in making what has become a life changing decision.  Louise helped me understand my birth chart and how I work best; she explained how it is continually influenced by the planets which I had never appreciated before.  But what really stands out for me is her patience, tenacity and honesty in sharing what she is passionate about.  You may not like what you hear sometimes but my goodness you need to hear it so you can move on and grow.  Louise helped me have self belief, and, oh my, things are working out so well.  Hard work is required but Louise has been a huge help in me following my heart.

Phillippa Wilson

Oakwood Yoga

Louise Edington is truly a gifted astrologer, way shower, and inspiration to me as I’m always enlightened by her readings and postings of current occurrences in the cosmos.  I am enrolled in her group “The Circle of Empresses” and enjoy her daily updates and her New Moon and Full Moon readings for the group and for us individually.  I had the pleasure of having a personal Natal Chart reading and learned so much about the planets, astrology, my birth chart and now it makes absolute sense to me now.  There’s no denying the alignment of it all and have a better understanding of who I am and in alignment with my soul destiny.  I have much to learn but am honored to have the guidance of such wisdom from Louise!

Nancy Ferrari

Intuitive Soul Mentor/Visionary

Your Host: Louise Edington

Louise Edington is a truth guide and light rider leading you to the truth of the real you. An Astrologer for 25 years, Shamanic Practitioner, Coach, Writer and Passionate Activist. Louise works with circles and cycles to help conscious entrepreneurs unleash their wild spirit so that they can be bold, brilliant, daring and stand out from the crowd and change the world.

Dual British/Us Citizen; married for 19 years; Mom to 18 & 15 year old girls, two dogs and a familiar fluffy black cat called Luna; lived on three Continents and five countries and now embracing the weird in Utah.