Recreate Wholeness in 2019

Jan 31st 12 pm PST
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Ripe for epic wisdom harvesting.

A rare and rather wonderful weirdly magical year.


If you are like us (weirdly magical) you might have struggled in the past, to find your voice or even get things done to “do success” with all the trimmings.

Maybe you have come to realize there is something inside of you that is greater than the hollow allure of fabricated wins to fit in..

2017 and 18 stripped us of our outer shell, flushing out illusions.   


We enter this year a little bit naked and whole lot hopeful.


Done with doing things the way others have dictated your time.


Still, you want guidance and a map.  Translation of the weird woo into something you can apply and understand.  

As you sit soul ready to party with yourself and your own personal brilliance, sans fake gunk that merely distracts.

Harness the power of your soul

Break free from outdated, oppressive conditioning

Recreate Wholeness

Connect heart and head to your Sacred Source Root.


Rise up with Joy.

2019 holds some big energies and transits to transform your stories and elevate your experiences which will push you further out than you have been.

It is going to be okay.

  • This 12 universal year triggers a thirst to know life first hand, influenced by seeds of ancient pasts and future potential that can now be harvested into happiness.    
  • Working in concert with your gifts will awaken your curiosity and fire up a willingness to do what is needed, regardless of what other people say.   
  • Make room for this impactful and Legendary passage to give you momentum to express and manifest a whole new way of living.  Where you can actualize delicious ideas into form, with the help of the universe.
  • It is time to roll up your sleeves and wade into the deep waters to feed your naked wild self as she swims into self expression.
  • Get ready to explore your identity in the collective pool to increase your effectiveness and rewards. Open up to learning a new way to walk
  • Co create with powerful allies, in congress with the cosmos and earth.
  • Now is the time to shine and shape what yearns within you, waiting to be birthed.

You may feel the wonder and the suspense.

How to harness this goodness?

Cosmic insights and spiritual tools are ready to help you decipher the clues, simplify your next steps.

Make this easy.

Help yourself activate this passionate longing with divine guidance.

Master the essence of 2019 in your own style with a little help from your friends -

Louise Edington and Jen Duchene of the Weirdly Magical Podcast invite you to a live event that includes –

  • Key astrological aspects to shape your choices
  • Highlights of the numeric design of 2019
  • Healing message from the Akashic Records
  • Empowering Shamanic Journey  

This 2 + hour live event will be recorded for your listening ease.

Our bonus gift to you is a weirdly magical cheat sheet with key dates and information to help you move through the weird with ease to make this transitional year of 2019 simpler and more pleasurable.

Harness the stars to connect to your most aligned and magical path in 2019.

Join this Weirdly Magical Event of Insight and Delight.


January 31st 12 pm pst.

On zoom.   

Recording provided.

Bonus - A weirdly magical cheat sheet to ease through the unfolding year.