Lisa_CookLouise- I just finished listening to my chart reading recording again.  You are amazing!!  The amount of detail you share with me about my soul, my past lives and what’s really going on under the surface is amazing.  I felt like you were reading my  mind instead of my chart.  The information you shared validated all the feelings, emotions and questions I have had for years about my real purpose and calling.  Thank you for helping me find the language and clarity to start moving forward in a direction that will truly serve others as well as letting my true soul shine.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next few months now that I have a much better understanding of myself.

Your insight and intuition are truly what makes this experience even more personal and amazing.  The recording is so clean and crisp and very easy to listen to over and over.  Thank you. Thank you.  This is one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

Lisa Cook


Angela Stokes-Monarch testimonial for Your Cosmic BlueprintI am absolutely thrilled with the reading Louise did for us. She is so thorough, clear and insightful, combining intuition with precise astrological calculations to provide a rich overview of a person’s chart. I am extremely grateful to receive Louise’s insights and highly recommend her work!

Angela Stokes-Monarch






Gloria_MieleThe chart reading Louise provided was extremely informative and validating.  I am delighted that my chart highlighted what I believe to be my purpose: to use my intuition, education and communication skills to lead and serve others.  I feel this has always been the truth in my life but even more so in the past few years, and I am truly ready to embrace it.  I’ve never met Louise, but her work transcends a face to face meeting. ~ Gloria Miele





Miriam-Granthier“I have just listened to a recording by Louise Edington about my soul journey. I am amazed by how accurately she described my childhood and feelings and beliefs. How clearly she saw what holds me back and the lesson I need to learn. And finally some hope that this lesson is possible in this lifetime. Can’t recommend Louise Edington’s work highly enough.” ~ Miriam Granthier






Kim Jablonski“It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I am writing this! Louise Edington is truly a one of a kind, intuitive astrologer! She knows more about the planets and what EVERYTHING means than any astrologer I’ve met. She makes it easy to learn and receive the information thru her kindness and insight. She is truly a giver and you can feel her authenticity as she teaches people about their life purpose and inner selves. Now that I have been blessed to find her, she will be my only astrologer for life! I’m very grateful for her! I look forward to working with her for many, many years to come! It is so amazing that she can record the phone reading and send you the link afterwards! This helped me tremendously as I could feel fully present while listening to her wisdom and didn’t have to continuously write down notes the entire time. I really appreciated this! Since my reading, I have felt much more passion, focus and relief! Her insights are INVALUABLE to me! Thank you Louise!” ~ Kim Jablonski



Sally-OstlerOH. MY. STARS. (no pun intended) Have you ever had an astrological reading from Louise Edington? I just listened to mine, & holy shmokes that girl nails things right on! I have a deeper understanding of how my past experience was necessary for personal growth to get me where I am now, propel me on my path. She gave me insights into what’s coming up, what to watch for in my own growth & shifts as things roll through, so I’m transitioning as gracefully as possible. I loved her insightfulness & intuition in reading the information- it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill chart reading, by ANY means! ~ Sally Ostler




VivThank you so much for this reading! We, my husband and I, just listened to it for the first time and we loved it.
Truly like you have read his Soul. Loved the fact that you were bold 🙂 This was what we were looking for in a reading.
We also had fun listening to you describing him (and a bit me and my role in his food choices 😉 so true!).
We liked the fact that you gave us some basic understanding of a chart. It helped!
Also, your voice is a nice one to listen to. We know voices that are not so nice and it can really distract you from listening to a beautiful message.
I can go on and on about all you said (martial arts, the food, the birth, his interests, school, how he can be shy but then become a lion and so on and how this is soooo true for him and we can see this indeed already in his life) but to cut it short: this was very helpful and insightful for us as parents. It is one thing to bring a child into this world but another one to guide him or her towards their bliss and purpose. This reading (and the chart to look at while we listened) will assist us in consciously knowing where to focus and where to let go more for him and his path in life.
So thank you again.