PlutoPluto, the Lord of the Underworld, the planet of deep soul transformation is not done with us yet. If he ever is. Tomorrow, April 16, he stations to turn retrograde (apparant backward motion) 15 degrees and 32 ‘ Capricorn  at 9:54 p.m. MDT.

You might be feeling it already. Even more than many other stations. And Pluto stations are truly powerful. The Lord of the Underworld is relentless.

The energy is so very intense. Deep murky shadows are being dug up form the deep. Big issues of power and powerlessness are coming to the fore. Pluto dredges up crap and drills down into the darkest, most hidden places. The taboo. The parts of the self that we bury deep, deep within oursleves.

In Capricorn this is bringing up more crap around authority and power. The traditional. The family unit. The Church. Big business. Things that were drilled into you as ‘the right way to do things’ by whomever or whatever - including yourself. Pluto exposes that which will no longer work.

And Pluto is still in aspect to Uranus. The Lord of lightening bolts, of revolution, individuation, shocks and surprises. The last exact square was Mar 16 and these two will start to pull apart gradually but then draw closer together again around Christmas. But for now, Uranus is very much in play. And you might be feeling like you could explode.

And some of you will. Unless you work with Pluto. He won’t be ignored.

The roles that are expected of you will come up for transformation. You will feel compelled to change them.

Pluto will travel back to 12 deg 58′ Capricorn by Sept 25. He was last there at Christmas 2014. As with all retrogrades he will retrace, and review things that have been transforming since then. But now is the beginning.

It feels harsh.

It’s deeply karmic. Ancestral. Patterns of expectations that can go back generations.

If you have planets or angles around 15 degrees of the Cardinal signs you will feel it most (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and then any other placings around that degree. But none of us escape the power of Pluto.

And this is also the dark of the Moon. The balsamic phase. Also a time to go deep within and move into stillness.

There is nothing light and fluffy about the next few days.

Yes, the New Moon in Aries (Saturday April 18 12.57 pm MDT) is a great time to set intentions, to make your vision board. A good time to take the lead, to initiate and to start things.

But the underlying tension of the Pluto station will linger until early next week.

Of course, the universe knows what it’s doing, as always. And you can set intentions around what comes up for you on this station. Initiate a life free from the power constructs that bind.

As always you have a choice. To work with it or resist. And resistance is really futile with relentless Pluto. It just causes more pain.

So allow yourself to cry and write, cry and walk, cry and talk. However, you can bring to light the deep feelings that are being brought up during these few days. Then begin to change what needs to be changed.

And now I think I will go and have a cry because this is exhausting. My daughter, who I wrote about in my last post Uranus/Pluto and Me, got triggered last night as this station is directly affecting her. It’s likely that more will come up for her with this energy.

What’s coming up for you? Do you feel the intensity? Are you drained and exhausted? If not then you are one of the lucky ones! I celebrate you. But most of you have more work to do and things to change.

Much Love