Astrology With a Shamanic Twist = Planetary Magic

What would it be like to learn chart interpretation at a deep, experiential level? To learn how to not only mentally understand the Cosmic energies of the planets, signs and houses, but to FEEL the energies in your soul?

This class/webinar series will take you through the basics of chart interpretation using both your chart and example charts.

Twelve weekly classes. Each one 60-90 minutes long. All recorded and downloadable.

Worksheets to print off.

Example charts to print off.


Dry classes don’t do it for me. Me talking for an hour and you glazing over after a while.

Astrology is to be EXPERIENCED and FELT because you ARE the universe.

Every astrological energy is within you to a lesser or greater degree and it’s when you have a deep acceptance of how those energies work that you have a deeper acceptance of the self and how you work.

That’s not to say you don’t have choice.

You do.

You choose whether to live the higher qualities or not. In every.single.moment.

So, I mix astrology with Shamanic practices.

In this class you will journey into the energies. 

You will FEEL the love in Venus.

You will EXPERIENCE the power of death and rebirth in Pluto and Scorpio.

And so on and so on.

You will internalize the meaning of the energies in a way that you mind alone cannot do.

Dates, all mountain time - use to convert:

Nov 6th 10 am

Nov 13th 10 am

Nov 20th 10 am

Dec 4th 10 am

Dec 11th 10 am –  - moved to Feb 19th as we are going away for husbands birthday that week 🙂

Dec 18th 10 am

Jan 8th 10 am

Jan 15th 10 am

Jan 22nd 10 am

Jan 29th 10 am

Feb 5th 10 am

Feb 12th 10 am

Feb 19th 10 am

All calls with take place on and will be recorded on both video and audio.

There will also be worksheets etc to print off each week.

This is an INTENSIVE class and suitable for those that want to understand their own astrology AND for those that wish to begin on the path of professional astrology.

Pay in Full or Split it Over Two Months