The Phoenix Eclipse Immersion

Claim Your Freedom Crown!
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The August 21 Total Eclipse is HOLY WOW so I created this to help as many of you as possible to maximize the Phoenix Energy. Check it out below or just grab your spot RIGHT now.

Your Cosmic Blueprint


Create Your Life

Eclipses are major resets

They come in pairs. This August we have a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and a total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Now, Eclipses always come in pairs and run in cycles. These are special not only because they are Eclipses but because of the entire astrology of August 2017. You really need to know how these Eclipses affect YOUso that you can create the freedom you desire through that knowledge.

The Lunar Eclipse is an emotional release and the total Solar Eclipse is a core rest. An opportunity to leap forward in ways that you never ever even imagined possible.

So, are you ready?

What else would be possible if you:

  • Knew which area of YOUR life the Eclipses are affecting?
  • Knew what parts of your consciousness are being triggered?
  • Learned how to consciously tap into the energies of the Eclipses so that you can understand better how they are showing up in your life?
  • Chose to consciously create your own powerful reset on these Eclipses?

You + Me+ a Fabulous group of Conscious Creators together for four weeks.

This is for you if:

  • You are ready for an easily accessible mix of community and one on one work with Louise.
  • You are ready to take one giant leap using the alchemy of the Cosmic energies, magical mentoring and community support.
  • You are ready to stop the guess work out of where and how you are here to shine.
  • You are ready to understand how Eclipses work in your life at a deeper level.

What’s included:

Friday August 4th 10 am MST ( for local time) : Call 1: All about the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and Shamanic Work to connect you to the Eclipse Energy.

Friday August 18th 10 am MST ( for local time): Call 2: All about the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st and Shamanic Work to connect you to the Eclipse Energy.

30 minute one on one session with Louise to look at the Eclipses in DETAIL in your chart.

Private Facebook group for the duration.

Friday August 25th 10 am MST ( for local time): Call 3: Q & A and wrap up Shamanic Work to help you to INTEGRATE the energies of the Eclipses so that you can take this work out into the world.

Friday September 1, the Facebook group will close.

All calls will be recorded and available for download in the Facebook group.