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Are you ready to break the chains that keep you tethered to an ordinary life?

Are you tethered to the hitching post of ordinary reality and lost in a fog of confusion so thick that you can’t even see a path to your dreams? Or maybe so foggy that you don’t even know what your dreams are? 

Using piercing Astrological wisdom with a twist of Shamanic healing, I guide you to find the tools to lift yourself out of confusion and stagnation so you can create a life free of the ties that bind  — a reality wildly aligned with your soul’s purpose and desire. 

Through Star Streaming Astrology consultations mixed with Shamanic guidance, Cosmic Owl Clan work or classes we work together to shatter the blocks that are holding you back from living your dreams and show you how to find a natural rhythm that brings out your strengths, passion and purpose . Through piercing insight into your soul map I teach you to break the chains that have tethered you to an ordinary and unfulfilled life, re-membering the connection with the natural cycles of the Cosmos and themselves.

The results? Clarity, release, cleansing, illumination and freedom!

 With this insight you can create a truly extraordinary, magical and fulfilling life that embraces a future full of possibility and soul potential!

Please take a look at the testimonials below for examples of client success.

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Who I Am

After wandering for most of my life, I could feel something pulling me forward, but it wasn’t coming together in one central purpose. It felt scattered plus I was disenchanted with the hard work (and dollars) I was investing in because it was leading to dead end after dead end. And believe me, there were many dollars ‘invested’ in looking for the answers ‘out there’. Clearly I needed time to learn lol.

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Modern Astrology offers a new, self-developmental approach to astrology with skills and strategies to take control of your life path and purpose. The book interprets the planets, signs, houses, aspects, and transits in your natal chart as keys to your life purpose, and offers guided, developmental exercises and tactics to successfully navigate the trials and obstacles in alignment with your sign. Modern Astrology is available now.

Louise Edington has written an elegant, user-friendly introduction to astrology. She goes planet-by-planet through the twelve signs, for example. It’s been a long time since I started out in this field, but I wish I had cut my teeth on this book.
Leading Evolutionary Astrologer, Steven Forrest

Cosmic Intelligence Agency

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Louise is an incredible Evolutionary Astrologer!  Her delivery was compassionate, intuitive, and insightful!

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Astrology session with Louise!  Though I have been studying Western Astrology for a few years, Evolutionary Astrology was newer to me!  Louise is an incredible Evolutionary Astrologer!  Her delivery was compassionate, intuitive, and insightful!  I was able to gain so much more clarity about my purpose and soul mission in this lifetime!  I was totally validated with how I was feeling regarding my present work as a healer and not feeling in complete alignment with my work as a healer.  She was able to give me direction and ideas that felt more of who I am and how I may serve my Soul purpose and Humanity in this lifetime!  I whole heartedly believe if more humans understood their Soul’s evolutionary journey and purpose, we could heal humanity!  Evolutionary Astrology is an extraordinary tool for this!  I highly recommend a reading with Louise!  I believe she is a standout in the growing popularity of astrologers because she understands that when we know ourselves at the deepest level and our Evolutionary journey ~ we heal, transform and can be of purpose in this world in the highest way!  Something so needed in this time!  I also highly recommend both her books!  Loved them both!  Thank you, Louise,!  I am so grateful!”

Jill Williams

I feel empowered to step into unchartered areas of my life

Yesterday, I experienced the fine pleasure of receiving a reading from Louise. The reading was incredibly thorough and insightful. She began by noting impactful transits and placements in my past, asking if they coincided with any major life incidents, and of course, in each instance the answer was yes. While she didn't want to concentrate on past traumas and dramas too long, she used the information to create a mental map of where the energy began and where it either was or is slated to end. She noted influences on my horizon that I can already feel pulling me in the ways she indicated they might. It was an emotionally validating experience, and I feel empowered to step into unchartered areas of my life, most notably in my career path. On a more personal level, re-listening to my reading today is quite a therapeutic experience too. I can hear the uncertainty in my voice, defense of consequences of past situations that have been beyond my control. But Louise's reassurance is steadfast and soothing, and also completely logical. It is comforting to remember I was never in control; while relinquishing control spiritually is one thing, doing it intellectually is another. Louise cast zero judgment on my responses and created a timeline in which I might expect to feel things shift. She also made helpful recommendations for practices and reading material that might help with healing some of the old traumas. Regardless of what a person is going through, I highly recommend Louise's services. I will definitely be back for more!

Misty E

It was truly extraordinary.

At a time of deep grief, trauma, and immense and painful change, both collective and personal, I reached out and scheduled a Reading with Louise. I needed help in seeing the landscape of my experiences clearly. I needed support in disentangling my very injured self from the debris, to enable space and healing and eventual forward movement. My Reading with Louise was the most clear and penetrative Reading I have ever received. Astrology is complex. Out of a myriad of astrological multiplicities, Louise discerned and pinpointed precisely what was relevant. It was truly extraordinary. For me, being able to see the ecology of the skies, and particular planetary relationships at pivotal times over the last several years, was arrow of truth I had been seeking. Louise explained what I was seeing, in a way that all confusion simply fell away. She was kind. My experience of my Reading felt like psychic surgery of the the gentlest and most incisive nature. Afterwards, as I walked in the rainforest close to my current abode, I felt cleansed and clarified, and thus, much deep release was enabled effortlessly. I am very grateful.

Narelle Carter-Quinlan

I want to capture the importance, fun, and meaningful experience having sessions with Louise is to me.

I want to capture the importance, fun, and meaningful experience having sessions with Louise is to me. Let's start with, I have always wanted to have what I call an 'astrological reading', a reading of my whole chart where I could learn more about my inner workings via the universe I live in. For my birthday, I decided to give a session as a gift to myself and one for my son. To say that I felt empowered and connected to the universe after that first session would be an understatement. It was like opening a door and being happily surprised at all the goodness on the other side. It's not to say it's all sunshine and roses, especially considering roses have thorns. A session with Louise carries with it a very human, light element...light and dark, warnings and insight, guidance and thought-provoking questions, laughter and yes, sometimes tears. A session carries with it a moment in time where you can hear and feel the universe just for yourself and that is invaluable. As for my son, he's a teenager and growing through things that are, well, teenage. If you have a child that could benefit from a session with Louise, I would highly recommend it. She will communicate with you as a parent in a way that respects your trust in her with your child while providing a grounding and enlightening space for your child. My son and I are on a journey and continuing to do sessions with Louise, which I look forward to each time and cannot wait for the recording after to review and take notes on the things happening and ahead. If you are looking for a connection to the universe and that led you to Louise, contact her and let the universe take it from there. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

Rose Greer

You are spot on. The insight was affirming and clarifying and much more than I anticipated for the investment.

So just so you know by training I am a counselor and teacher.  I have taught at the university level and stopped doing so a few years back because it was no longer enjoyable to do it such a structured way within an institution.  I still teach and when the website for Savvy Sage launches within the next month you will see how right you are about the direction I am taking.  One of the areas I am working in spiritually that you will see aligns in the hit you got regarding death doulas is that I am actually working with nonphysical energies and transitioning spirits who have not left the earth into the light.  I don't advertise it or talk about it much except with the energy workers I work with.  It fascinating when it happens.  Also, I am going to be beginning offering heart empowered meditation calls through energy worker I have worked with over the last few years.  Barbara is based in CO and has asked me to be one of several facilitators who do that work.  A lot is coming together and evidently, there is more to come!  You are not the first person to tell me I will write a book.  (One of the reasons the morning pages were brought back into my life.)  I could go on and on about all the synchronicities and the "breadcrumbs" that are leading me in the direction of my next life purpose.  I know that it is emerging and certainly that I have only touched the tip of this iceberg.


The work you are doing is a quality one. You care about people and I can feel it.

"Thank you so much for that Eclipse reading. It was really relevant to me. I got really emotional while listening at it. It took me a while to listen to the whole reading. I kept on listening to the first part before the tarot. There were so much informations, wow! And the tarot was amazing!

You are right, I am REALLY Gemini, an eternal student who love to share the knowledge. I used to be a lab tech in hospital, I always want to heal people or help them finding the right solution for themselves . So, I really am in the vibe of mastering my emotions, changing my relation with my mother and speak out. It is like I already know all that stuff you told me, and not at the same time, like a déjà vu . And it is intense to receive, it sounds to me like a brand new way to live, the real moment I am taking the lead of my life...without trying to control everything. Last week, I have got an energetic healing (kind of reiki) session with one healer of my town. It helped and it was all aligned with what you said to me also. These days I struggle with my throat, always tight, like when you wanna cry but you don’t want to, and you try to resist. And I feel like everything is upside down. The energies are really really different since the eclipses, it is what I have notice around me. Seriously, I needed that reading at that moment, it opened more my eyes and it helped me to explain some stuff I was feeling and some desire/craving I had and still have. The work you are doing is a quality one. You care about people and I can feel it. I’m really happy that I found your podcast, what Jen and you are doing is such important and I am really grateful that your podcast appeared in my life at a moment where I had some questions. Thank you again!"


Get on Louise’s schedule while you can!

With deep astrological insight and concise storytelling, Louise creates a friendly and inviting environment to get at the big (and little) questions of life. Her command of the astrological language makes each reading accessible, useful, and actionable. Get on Louise's schedule while you can!

Nick M

Pure Magic

My reading with Louise was pure magic. I went into the reading really hoping for guidance - I was feeling a little off path and was questioning if I was in the right place in my life. I’m naturally a very intuitive person and my reading with Louise really validated and affirmed all of the feelings that I was feeling about myself and the future. There were a few times throughout the reading that I got chills because she was able to understand my soul on such an intimate level. Louise gently took her time reading my chart with me and was happy to answer any questions along the way. She created a safe and beautiful space for me to get to know myself more intimately. I’m still processing the reading- It was my first time having my natal chart read and I’m blown away by how connected we are to the cosmos. If you’re wanting to feel more connected to yourself and the universe I’d strongly recommend having a reading by Louise she is worth every penny spent.

Ashley S

I am so grateful to have found her.

Louise is such a brilliant astrologer with an amazingly keen sense of intuition. There are so many astrologers out there who will whisper a few sweet nothings and palm your money. That is not Louise. The first time I heard her podcast driving home at night, her words resonated with my soul and brought tears to my eyes. She encourages me, yet isn’t afraid to warn me of my potential shortcomings that might trip me up. For so long I felt like I was groping in the dark, trying to find my path. For the last several years my soul had been pleading with me to wake up. When I found Louise through her podcast and then navigated to her Patreon, I felt a sense of peace. Her words reassured me and spoke to my heart. I knew what she was saying had truth to it and her validation let me know I’m not crazy. I don’t need to anesthetize my soul away with pills and booze. I’m not a sinful person that needs to repent relentlessly over and over. I’m a human, with shortcomings and talents and a purpose I wasn’t fulfilling. That was why I was so unhappy. Louise has a special gift; almost like she’s holding a lantern and helping to illuminate my available paths and allowing me to exercise my free will with whatever feels right. I came away from her reading feeling hopeful, excited, and ready to get to work. Louise is so genuine with such an amazing gift and she is going places. I am so grateful to have found her.

Jenni S

It was insightful and FUN!

I’ve been following Louise on social for quite sometime - I love her writing, posts and insights. Last week I finally had my charts read for the first time. Meeting with Louise is like sitting down with an old friend who understands where you’ve been and where you may be going. It was insightful and FUN! Highly recommend taking the time to meet with Louise and have her read your charts. She understands the why behind many things happening in your life. Go for it, open your mind - the best 75 minutes I spent last week! - Elizabeth B., San Diego, CA

Elizabeth B

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