Are you ready to be deliriously, delightedly FREE? 

If you are a creative woman, and you struggle with change and courage you are in the right place.

Isn’t it time?

Time you stopped waiting to live a free and courageous life?

Time you stopped waiting for the kids to be grown? Waiting for the perfect time, relationship, whatever.

I know you. I’ve been there. And you can do this NOW. And I can kick your butt into gear.

Working with cycles, circles, elements and elementals, I see YOU and I help you to co-create a life that you never even imagined, a life of FREEDOM and CREATIVITY, and help you to bring all those pieces of you together so that you live and work in YOUR element. This is known as your Elemental Archetype.

Understanding your Elemental Archetype.

This is the path of a freedom seeker - fully expressing your passion and purpose in a way that fulfills your soul and fulfills your financial desires and goals.

What’s your secret hobby or passion?

What is that desire that you push away, but it keeps coming back, beckoning to you to come out and BE the change you desire to be?

Allow me as YOUR Freedom Guide to help you to bring that desire out of you and align it in such a way, that you no longer hide the part of you that is ready to be shared with the world.

Together, we guide you to emerge into YOUR element and bring out your natural strengths so you create a life that is wildly aligned with your soul. As a Business Activator, Freedom Guide, and Writer, I show you the practical steps to business or to living a more purposeful life, in addition to helping you heal the blocks that are holding you back, and I show you how to find your natural rhythm that brings out your strengths, passion and purpose so that you can lead a wild and free life!

Are you ready to be deliriously, delightedly FREE?


Go to Work With Louise, or book a short call to find out if we are a fit to work together. I’m waiting for YOU to choose to create FREEDOM  ♥


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