Which Way To Go

Well wonk is maybe not a word but it’s my new word. I was chatting with a friend about how the universe is so wonky right now with the Grand Cross of April 2014 building. And it feels perfect for the energies right now so wonk is my new word. Though the dictionary defines wonk as ‘a studious or hardworking person.’ so let’s say I have redefined wonk. Or use wonkiness if these things matter to you.


Now I want you all to just look at that first paragraph. For me the energy of it it feels like the current planetary energies. Redefining, breaking free of the accepted rules. A time of huge transformations and, well, wonk - or wonkiness.


Things feel challenging. There are a lot of global happenings and undercurrents but I want to talk more about the wonk within. The thing about the current energies is that they are bringing huge internal tensions. Coming up we have a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th April, the Cardinal Grand Cross is at it’s most exact on the 22nd April (though it dominates the whole month in reality) and a Solar Eclipse on the 29th April.


These energies have been rumbling and brewing since 2012 as the Pluto/Uranus square that forms the crux of this Grand Cross has been going on since then and this will be the fifth of seven exact squares between the two heavy hitters. I’m actually not going to bore you with all the astrology in this post. For more detail on that and what in means on a weekly basis you can subscribe to my weekly Cosmic Transitions report by filling out the box on the right or below this post.


What I want to talk about this week are transformations. None of us will be the same after this month. But how you change will be affected by which parts of your chart are affected. If you have planets or angles around 13 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) you will be affected more than most. ALL my daughters angles (ascendant, midheaven, descendant and nadir) are within orb! This is powerful enough to affect us all, however. Not to mention the Lunar Total Eclipse at 25 degrees on the Libra/Aries axis really hitting much the same area! Talk about wonk!


All the points of the cross are in Cardinal signs which means they want to get things started. They are initiators. They assert their particular style of leadership through their element. By element, they are Aries(fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air) and Capricorn (earth.) Planet wise we have Uranus (sudden, shocking change, revolution) in Aries (straightforward, yang energy), Jupiter (expansion and optimism) in Cancer (yin energy, home, inner life), Mars (God of war) in Libra (yin energy, balance, justice), and Pluto (death and transformation, power and powerlessness) in Capricorn (yang energy, authority, insitutions)


All these energies are in tense and challenging aspects (oppositions and squares) with each other. And in a nutshell they are pushing us to transform.


I already feel it in my life. We are having to change the family diet as my daughter has been diagnosed with Celiac disease and a big move may be on the cards. Not to mention the internal transformations happening. My business is evolving at the speed of light. Articles being published in an online magazine, the first to be published next week (you can subscribe for a free trial at Inspiral Illuminations), being interviewed and facilitating a Full Moon Eclipse meditation on a FABULOUS radio show run by the fabulous Goddesses at The Motherhouse of the Goddess (you can sign up to be sure not to miss it at the Goddess Moon Meditation link here) AND I am launching my own radio show, Louise Edington’s Cosmic Connections on April 23rd (watch my Facebook pages etc for details on this. These ALL stem from internal shifts and they are things that have been coming for some time. You could almost say I invited the Celiac disease as I have been pushing my family to eat more healthily for some time and now we have to! In my business I have been receiving the message that I need to just teach and speak to an audience for a long time. And now I will be. I have even started blogging again!


And I have noticed that many other people are just saying yes and going for all the opportunities coming their way. This is very Aries, and that energy is strong right now, and it’s also very typical of Cardinal signs. Many are just letting go of the old way of being. Of living in complete caution. We as a family certainly are leaping and trusting that the net will appear. The old ways no longer work, we are seeking a new way. And people are feeling the internal push to do so.


On the other side of things many, many are leaving this earth. I had to step away from Facebook earlier today because almost all the posts on my stream were about people or animals who have gone home. The Heartbleed bug is undermining some systems, possible war is rumbling, planes have disappeared, a town was wiped out by a mudslide, there was a mass stabbing (Uranus in Aries) in a school and a plane has disappeared. And there will be more over the next 3-4 weeks.


There is much fear being propagated about this energy and certainly it’s intense and uncomfortable at times and some ‘stuff’ will happen. But this is also a time of huge opportunity and healing. It’s all about the collective and the masses. How can you as an individual contribute to the we? It’s also a time where there is SO much happening that we don’t really know which way to turn. And that is why we have to have faith and leap. We can always leap again! This is not a time for analysis paralysis and wallowing in the mud orf the wonk. This is a time to initiate and to take action. Though I do hope our world leaders think a little before they do! But for us it’s a time to follow those urges to shift and change.


It’s also about breaking FREE of the old structures and ways of being to move into a new paradigm. How and where can you leap? You know you are ready! And this will be so much easier if you go for it!


Are you leaping in some areas of your life? What changes and transformations are happening for you and around you? Do you fear it? Or welcome it? Are you muddling through the wonk?

Because out of chaos comes tremendous clarity. Leap and the path will become clear.