The Moon rules the oceans and the tides and, since our body is over 60% water, the Moon has a strong immediate effect on our bodies and our psyche.

The Moon rules our emotions and our needs. She is tears, the Mother, women and ancestors. Nurturing and our source of nurture. She rules women’s menstrual cycles and she is your response to stress.


Tuning into the cycles of the Moon helps our lives to flow like a river.

Each New Moon is for setting intentions for the coming 28 days and 6 months to the Full Moon in the same time.

Each Full Moon is a time of release and of fulfilment.

Both are powerful times to do meditation and ceremony.


Please accept my gift of two meditations. One for the New Moon and One for the Full Moon.

I also include a link to find the dates of the New and Full Moons and a suggestion for a simple ceremony for each.

Ceremony and ritual is powerful but it doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. Do what works best for you.

To Your Wild Soul,



Ready for the Moon Meditations?