Mercury Retrograde

I barely dare utter those words as I expect the moans and groans to start.

We entered the ‘shadow’ yesterday as Mercury reached 4° 33′ of Gemini which is the degree that Mercury will return to during the retrograde period.

Not that the planet actually turns backwards, this is apparant backward motion from our perspective.

The trickster actually stations to turn retrograde on the 18th and 19th May right after the next New Moon. I shall be talking about this on my New Moon Intention Call on Friday May 8. If you would like to join me please register here for call details and to receive the recording.

The first thing I want to say is DO NOT BE AFRAID!

All the planets go retrograde and Mercury goes retrograde three (and occasionally four) times a year.

It’s a phenomenom to work with rather than resist and fear.

It has a purpose.

Mercury rules communication, motion, activity, cars/transportation and mechanics, the internet, information, contracts, writing and speaking. And siblings.

All of these areas are up for review, reflection, redoing, re-organizing and rethinking.

And in Gemini, which Mercury rules, this is likely to be powerful.

And I mean that in a positive way!

Use this time to look at things a little differently and it’s highly likely that you will receive some important inner revelations. It’s a time of heightened mental awareness, a time to go within and rethink a few things. It’s not the time to communicate the revelations outwardly perhaps, as communications are clouded. Things may be misheard. By both you and others.

Slow down and pay attention to the information that comes your way during this time.

Double and triple check travel plans. Get your vehicle serviced if you are driving on a road trip.

If things start to break down (internet, power outages, vehicles) take it as the message it is. Spend half your day on Facebook or the like? Take it as a message to do something else.

And SLOW DOWN. Did I already say that? Well, yes, I want you to get the message.

Which is what Mercury Retrograde is all about.

Getting the message.

It’s a time to journal, write, re-work plans, review your work.

It’s not the best time to launch or sign contracts. But only because you might change your mind when Mercury turns direct. I said MIGHT before you get your knickers in a knot.

If you can’t avoid doing these thinsg during the retrograde (and especially around the days he stations retrograde or direct - the red and dark brown days on the calendar) then double and triple check details. Double and triple check travel plans and breathe into any delays.

Resistance and pushing through things is not what Mercury Retrograde is asking of you.

Think outside the box and wait until he turns direct to act on new or revised ideas.

I am actually traveling back to the UK during this time. To see my family, which includes my three siblings.

Madness you say? Well, I think not.

I think it’s an excellent time to travel back to the UK. To revisit my family connections and my relationships with my family. To use this time to listen, to look at things differently, to think outside the box about those old sibling patterns that less awareness can trigger.

Mercury turns retrograde almost exactly on my Moon. And the Moon represents the mother. It’s a good time to go and review the lines of communication.

And it also falls in my fifth house. The house of parenthood, recreation and children. And the house of leisure, self-fulfillment, joy and bliss.

Seems like a perfect time to choose to have a fun and joyful trip where I review how I communicate with my Mum and brothers? Don’t you think?


I’m ready for a new way.

I’ll be journaling and reviewing all that comes up during the trip.

But I won’t be stopping living or screaming and fighting when pushed to slow down and listen. If we have mechanical breakdowns along the way, I’ll deal with them. I’ll make a conscious effort not to complain when I can’t be on the internet as much.


Because I know. I have awareness of what is being asked of me.

And so do you..

Do you know where 4° to 13° of Gemini falls in YOUR chart? How do you feel about Mercury Retrograde? Do you have horror stories? If so, do you think you weren’t paying attention to what Mercury Retrogare was asking of you?

Tell us your stories below!

Love and Peace








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