I run a free group on Facebook where the members are able to express themselves and ask questions in a less public space. Louise Edington’s Cosmic Connections (please join us if you are not already a member) is an active community and I get some quite deep questions in there. As we wane to the New Moon in Taurus and Mercury stations to turn retrograde in Gemini a member posted the following.

“When have we not been asked to slow down and do inner work, really? I am finding that starting to cause me turmoil as I have daily work to accomplish and now I am battling my mind to be productive and do my inner work. We can’t stop tasks that drive our businesses, so help us recognize what’s a balance of slow down and still not close our doors. I am truly battling how to shift from slowing down and dealing with inner to the pace needed to consistently move forward in business. We are such complex beings and I am feeling overwhelmed with fact I’d like to work on ONE at a time.”


Of course this sparked my own inner review process and this blog post was birthed.

What IS the message of this retrograde period?

I have had my usual Mercury Retrograde rant about working with the energies and not fearing it in my Mercury Retrograde in Gemini post. I also say that life can’t stop for something that happens 3 and sometimes 4 times a year.

No, we can’t stop doing the tasks that drives our businesses and lives. That would just be ridiculous.

So I am unpacking my answer in this post.

The slowing down that is asked of us in a retrograde is a mental shift. Especially in Mercury ruled Gemini.

Finding this balance between BEing and mindlessly DOing. This is the lesson of the retrograde period.

Yes, it’s about REviewing, REdoing, things being REvealed, RE-visiting and any other RE words you can think of.

But it goes deeper. There’s a purpose to all those RE words.

Many of us get caught up in busy-ness that is actually not all that productive. And I am so with you on that one. I get caught up in Facebooking, listening to webinars, running around taking my daughters to their various things, fitting in running to the store, walking the dogs, reading blogs, doing my social media posts, client calls, readings, reading books, cooking meals etc etc. Much of it is done in an overwhelmed and ultimately unproductive manner as I get distracted and forget what I was supposed to be doing before I got distracted by other things. Does any of this sound familiar?

So, when I keep saying SLOW down it doesn’t mean stop. It means shifting to a more deliberate and gentler pace which, in fact, often actually produces more. This period with it being a Taurus New Moon is about bringing that more deliberate pacing in. Finding more balance. Being mindful in every task that we are doing.

And the key word is MINDFULNESS

And my phrase for this Taurus New Moon cycle is BE the Tree. I invite you to feel yourself as this solid, rooted tree. Not swayed and distracted by all the busy-ness in the world.

BEing mindful of every action you take. BEing aware of what lessons some up for you around your relationships to the physical. Money, your body, your belongings, how you earn your money and your self esteem. Taking SOME time to look at what comes up around these areas.

For me this looks like more deliberately planning my week/day. Only spending time DOing my marketing when I say it will. Making time for self care and filling my senses. Paying attention when I walk the dogs. Looking at what is going on around me. Noticing the beauty of the world when I am out and about.Paying attention and BEing mindful with all communications and conversations. BEing present in all that I do. Not Facebooking as I cook a meal. And being less caught up in busy-ness.

And BEing mindful in every moment.

Give it a try this retrograde.

Don’t close your doors. Don’t hide under a blanket.

If you are an entrepeneur I suggest not launching something big during a retrograde, especially for the 5 days before and after each station. Only because it’s likely that you may have to RElaunch and REvise later. Not because it will necessarily be a disaster.

But keep on DOing what needs to be done in your life. But in an attentive, mindful and more deliberate manner.

Is this helpful to you as we enter this Retrograde? Tell me in the comments below!

Peace and Love




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