Who thought it would be a good idea to travel during Mercury retrograde? Last Mercury retrograde I went on the High School Orchestra field trip to California with my eldest daughter and the bus buses technology gradually break down as we got closer to the heat of California. The heating stuck on and the kids were just melting. I bought two big boxes of Popsicles to cool the kids down when we stopped to dismantle the heating system. Oh and the Wi-Fi didn’t work either on the bus.


So you would think this astrologer may have learned her lesson. But you would be wrong. We just went to California again during Mercury retrograde. In my defense the trip was arranged around an Anime Expo that my teens went to so little control over the dates. But, still……….


This time the journey there was uneventful. When we got to the hotel we had booked things began to go wrong. We had gone cheaper than we usually do to try and cut costs on the trip but we had carefully checked reviews. Clearly, those that had left reviews were friends of the owners or completely deluded as most recommended it and said they would stay again.. The hotel was disgusting. One of the walls in the room was painted this horrible dark red which we said was to hide the blood. The carpet was badly stained and the non smoking rooms smelled badly of cigarette smoke. The guy in the room next-door thought smoking outside meant standing IN the doorway and holding his hand outside. I think you get the idea. We did not feel safe leaving our belongings so we decided to move hotels. This meant long phone calls with people we booked it through but we eventually managed to move but could not get a refund. I am choosing to let this go as I do not want to sit in this space any longer and I was just happy to escape! So much for cutting costs!


On the second evening we met some friends for dinner on the beach and had a fine time. When we got back to the car, however, the battery was dead. We used the cables to jump start the car and drove around to charge the battery up thinking maybe the battery might need replacing soon.  When we got back to the hotel there was an unusual noise coming from somewhere in the car. It was late, however, and we were tired and ready for bed so we ignored the noise.


The following morning we were driving our teens to Anime Expo and the car died. First all warning signs came on then gradually the electrics cut out.There we were with four teens ready for Anime Expo on a hot day in an insaloubrious part of Inglewood - on a holiday - fabulous, not.


Thankfully AAA rock and they came out in 20 minutes. The guy gave us water while he did his checks and the verdict was a dead alternator and an old battery. Did I mention that this was the 4th July? And of course that means nowhere was open to fix cars….. We paid AAA prices to replace the battery so we could at least drive a little rather than wait for a tow.


We dropped teens at Anime Expo where I had to line up with them for 3 hours in the heat to get their prepaid passes - don’t ask. Meanwhile, husband went back to the hotel, parked up and rented a car. Thankfully we had moved to an airport hotel so there was a ton of car rental places around. Not everything goes wrong under Mercury Retro! We did, however, have to rent a van as we had met daughters boyfriend and friend in LA for the Expo so we needed 6 seats….


Mercury was not quite finished with us. The next morning we found a British car specialist who had an alternator in stock and could replace it right away. Yay! We set off to find it. Husband drove the rental as I was not on the insurance and I had to drive our car with a dead alternator and the new battery with limited juice. After 20 minutes we realized that the GPS was taking us to completely the wrong area. So I had to drive a further 20 minutes with a dying battery in LA freeway traffic. Bear in mind I live in Utah - in the mountains - where a line of 5 cars is traffic. My mantra as I drove was “I have more than enough battery juice and the freeway is free flowing”. I made it, with very little juice left.


Thankfully this was it for us on this trip and Mercury Retrograde. Apart from the fact that the GPS was glitchy for the rest of the trip and a couple of other minor things and we arrived home last night under a Cancer moon (the sign of the home). I have never been so glad to be in my home. I do, however, have one more short trip planned before Mercury turns direct. Wish me a less eventful time please! Though I should mention that Uranus squared the Sun may have contributed to this one!


Seriously, this is meant to be a funny post. I normally experience Mercury Retrograde as a time of review and reflection with minor technological issues now and then. This is just an example of it at its worst and when you throw other challenging aspects into the mix. So I am not suggesting you hide under a rock during Mercury Retrograde. I certainly won’t be letting it stop me living and I do also use the energy for reviewing. And I suggest you do too.

Do you have any Mercury Retrograde travel or technology stories? Do you fear Mercury Retrograde? I don’t fear it, I see it all as material for my blog but some people seem to have a really hard time of it. Tell us in the comments below!



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