18947917_sYes, yes, yes we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde and in Scorpio this one will be a deep one. Plus Mercury will meet Saturn three times in Scorpio because of the retrograde adding to the intensity. The actual retrograde is from the 21st October until 10th November. The shadow will last until 27th November.


There’s so much jazz these days days about Mercury Retrograde and yes, I did write a blog post where I jokingly talked about a couple of incident full road trips during Mercury Retrogrades this year in a post called Mercury Retrograde and Travel. The post was meant to be a bit of fun.


It’s true that communications can go awry, computer files can disappear, reservations can be wrong and communications in general can be, well, miscommunications. Plus this one is in Scorpio where communications are already swimming in deep waters.


However, I strongly believe that we should not fear ANY astrological transits. They all have their shadow side AND their shiny side.


Please do be AWARE and back up your computers, triple check contracts and reservations, get your car serviced and make sure your AAA membership is up to date and then carry on living. All the things that people fear really are first world problems. And what you fear expands right?  Instead of living in fear do your diligence and then carry on living.


In fact why not choose to harness the positive side of this retrograde?


Any Mercury retrograde is a great time to review, reflect, release and redo. This time in Scorpio we are being asked to go deep into the transformational energies of Scorpio and ‘think’ (Mercury) about what layers of our transformational onion we need to release now. Because personal transformation is always a process. This would be a fabulous time for therapy, counseling or astrological consultations. A great time to go deep into reflection about who you are deep inside and to to reflect on the structures and deep relationships in your life.


You really do CHOOSE how you approach this time. I do admit I’m glad we are not going on a road trip this time though lol. This time I can spend time going inwards and transforming my life even more. Will you?