After an extended stay in Cancer due to the last Mercury Retrograde, Mercury moves into Leo on August 4th until August 19th.

Yes only 15 days to command attention and speak from the heart, both of which are needed!

‘Look at me’, Leo in Mercury shouts. Leo energy loves to take the stage and to shine and Mercury in Leo loves to sing and perform to gain attention. It’s a fabulous time to promote yourself and to show your shiny sunny side since Leo is ruled by the Sun.

Remember that this is Mercury in Leo by transit, however, and Mercury is language, thoughts, communication, learning, the mind, information, wit and youthfulness. Mercury is the trickster who is the messenger of the Gods, the vehicle for transmitting messages from the universe to the human world. The psychopomp who travels between words.

This means that Mercury in Leo demands words from the heart, words of love, words that bring joy to the self and others.

I’m aware that my words are not always kind, it’s something I work on at all times as it’s my soul habit to work on (Aries/sharp/aggressive South Node/Karmic Lesson/Soul Habit in the Third House/language/words). Are you aware of where you are not always kind and loving in your words?

In this brief time, as Mercury flies through the sign of the Lion, the heart, and love, we are called to be more conscious of our words and to speak only kind words. Words of love and generosity. Of course, this applies to our thoughts and perceptions as well. Find yourself thinking unkind thoughts? Try to take a breath and find something good to love.

This is also not only about what you put out into the world.

Leo is like a big red balloon of fragility at times and cruel words from others prick the tender balloon and deflate the fragile ego of Leo and hurt that tender heart.

Be aware that your ego (with a little e) is very tender and that words will hurt at times if they are unkind to you too.

So take the stage and sing and shout with confidence, charm and passion but think kindness and love along the way….. and try not to be oversensitive to others words.